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Manhattan, KS

Good memories - 1/12/2016
I lived in your city briefly this past year of 2015. Liked it. The cost was a bit too high, but generally you have a decent town compared to some places I've visited. I am in Pueblo CO right now because of my job. Filthiest city I've ever seen. Manhattan, on the other hand, is nice and clean. I have fond memories of your town. You are the best, and cleanest small town in Kansas that I have been in. May visit you again sometime.

Pueblo, CO

Your city is appalling - 1/12/2016
I came here a month ago. Was planning to go to Colorado Springs, but I never made it. Had issues with my transportation. I have been in Pueblo for a little over a month now and have seen nothing but filth everywhere. The people here don't care if the streets are dirty. Don't care that since we had snow two days ago that there are icy streets everywhere there is any kind of shade. No salt, no sand, no nothing to stop cars from sliding on any of these dangerous areas. There is a McDonald's near downtown with a sign that the bottom is broken out. There are florescent tubes exposed on the bottom, and I've been told it's been like that for years. Every business I walk into has a dirty storefront or has litter all over the parking lot.
The streets are full of trash, litter, and dirt that appears to have been washed there by some thunderstorm months ago. It's not just the dirt either. You people in Pueblo are the meanest, rudest drivers I have seen anyplace. You won't yield for pedestrians! There is a crosswalk on South Santa Fe that has flashing lights to warn traffic that pedestrians are in the crosswalk. I pressed the button, nobody would slow down or stop for me, but worse, there was a woman walking right behind me who got trapped in the middle of the street because NOBODY would let her cross!! The lights on both sides were on to alert drivers to STOP and NOBODY would!! Shame on you!! You people are proud of this town??
There is a total lack of civic pride here. If it breaks, you don't care, you don't sweat it, if it's filthy, don't care, dangerous, still won't care.
I got stranded here. I pray I get out alive. This is the most horrible city I have visited, and I have been around a bit and this town is in my top 5 list of the worst cities in America, right at about number one. Is the rest of Colorado like this?? I haven't been to Denver, Colorado Springs, or Fort Collins yet. I may visit those areas sometime. I hope I don't see this much decay and neglect in any of those places.


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