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Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Sales


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Meeker, CO

The White River - 1/23/2010
The White River
Tons of BLM and forest to play on w/ NO crowds
Proximity to the deserts of W. CO and E. UT
Great fishing and hunting
Gorgeous summers and falls
Massive amounts of elk
Mainly crisp clean air
Little wind except for a bit in Spring/Fall or the moments before a storm (always still when severely cold)
People that pull together in crisis
No traffic
Quite a few conveniences for such an out of the way location
Little theft or violent crime
Very few days without some sun (practically never happens)
No earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, or tornadoes
A John Wayne style backdrop
The Bistro, La Familia, and Cafe Restaurants
A growing chamber that has asthetically improved the town
The new Rec Center
The new Elementary school
Decent test scores among students
Great skiing within an hour
Glenwood and Steamboat are close enough to enjoy on occasion
Petroglyphs and fossil hunting west of town
Phenomenal four wheeling and snowmobiling
Great camping
An absolutely amazing experience in the "Flat Tops Wilderness"
Low Taxes
Rafting of a commercial and backcountry variety on both the Yampa and the famous Colorado Rivers within an hour.
Dinosaur National Monument
Cheap utilities

A bit dry in July (very dependent on winter snowfall and Spring rains to keep countryside green through mid summer)
A bit cloudy sometimes in November/December with approaching west coast storms
Some riff-raff in lower and western town, and out on a few of the county road
People can be a bit standoffish in light off past oil and gas booms which brings a more transient population; You have to be here a couple years before they begin to take you in and see you as a stable factor
Far to Grand Junction for all services
Little selection of neat real estate at a fair price. A lot of very plain and average homes for sale that are not a good deal (still affordable compared to other mountain areas)
Can hit 20 to 30 below zero

Overall this place beats the heck out of living deeper into the SouthWest with its issues, in WINDY Wyoming, Mormon dominated Utah, the Midwest, the cloudy winters in the Pacific Northwest, the loony West Coast, The Plains, the resort areas of Colorado with their cost of living, trustfunders, and drugs, or anywhere else in the SunBelt or Deep South. If you don't have clean water, clean air, big views, and relatively low crime, is life really even worth living??? Meeker has those items covered...........


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