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Memphis, TN

Not for me
- 11/17/2019
I agree wholeheartedly. I just moved back North after two years. Whatever idyllic notions I had about the South and its Southern charm were replaced with the reality of the ramifications of abject poverty.

Memphis, TN

Lack of Culture and Diversity - 11/17/2019
I lived here for two years for work. I’m from the North, and I was looking forward to milder winters. Well, that is all Memphis had to offer me. Generational, systemic poverty and its ramifications are real to everyone except the ones who are enmeshed in it.

The lack of cultural diversity and activity were overwhelming. The number of locally educated adults who cannot write a coherent, grammatically-correct sentence was mind blowing. This includes teachers which explains the low-performing students. The Shelby County School District is made up mostly of teachers who were educated in the district or neighboring poor-performing school districts in Mississippi or Arkansas.

How many times did I receive correspondence from a Principal which contained incoherent jibberish? However, her written communication did match her oral communication. My children also told me stories about children fighting in class. No wonder the surrounding jurisdictions created their own high-performing school districts, e.g., Collierville. It was not a matter of racism as much as it was the importance of providing their children with a quality, college-preparatory education in a safe setting.

There was an overall mistrust of “outsiders.” Therefore, Southern hospitality is relegated to literature. Their indirect mode of communication which included snide remarks was blatantly rude and recognizably so to everyone but themselves.

If cultural diversity, quality museums, theatre, shopping, and restaurants are important to you, as well as others who share your passion, Memphis is not the city for you. If quality elementary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate education are important to you, Memphis is not the place for you.

Crime is rampant in Memphis and spills over to surrounding areas. Even Kroger grocery stores in Cordova had customers who were robbed during the day. The local malls have also had multiple shooting incidents.

The lack of overall diversity in every area was stifling, and we are so glad to have moved back North where we will never take these civilities for granted again.

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