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North Olmsted, OH

N. Olmsted, Ohio Wonderful Environment - 1/15/2014

Great place to live. SAFE. no trash. low crime.. A beautiful environment, and safe for single women, and motehrs with small children. Most all of the west side of Cleveland suburbs, represent going back in time, with educated, yet polite people. And people who actual behave and obey the rules.

Canton, OH

re: it sucks! - 11/13/2009
- 2/10/2010
well I wrote back on 2006...Canton is getting better...Judges are finally doing their job, and not buying into the "helps deal"...The police force never did, TG.. but at one time, they were about the only ones who didnt.....There was once an over display of mercy, with NO justice, concerning criminals..... Now its going the other direction...Should be a happy medium in there somewhere...

There are a lot of good people here.. Friendly and helpful... Im with the poster, though, who isnt too impressed with the church folk...Canton is a bit clannish, but they are trying to do something with it, and for the most part, the people in high places, are interested in how you see things.. This, I give this city credit for.. They have a great newspaper... Canton really does try hard, to please its residents..I used to really bash this place, but Ive realized, a lot of people are putting their FREE time and energy into this town, trying to figure out which way to go with it......It really wouldnt be fair, to strip someone of their hope, and their dreams...

I dont think Ive ever lived in a city that was going down, where the community tried to pull together so hard, to save it, and pull her back up.... This one act, by itself, is very impressive, and is like a flashlight showing the interior, of many hearts... I bet those in Canton, reading my post, know just who I am, and never thought, Id make "a comment" like that, eh??..

Goes to show you.. You shouldnt always believe everything you hear..

Canton has some beautiful older homes, for a song...They finally are stepping up to the plate as far as the decay seeping any further into city neighborhoods..and saying NO MORE, and are taking measures to whip this town back into shape...Rental properties, slumlords, all of it....Criminals... The slap on the wrist that "once was"... is turning into years in the pokey, and its about time....

You have an excellent Police Chief, and an excellent police force.. Excellent fire dept, also...Its easy to get around, and pretty much, in an orderly fashion....I used to want to through Canton, Ohio out in yesterdays trash... but now...4 years down the road... Ive changed..She s changed... and I think Ill keep her.... :)

Concord, NH

linving in New england - 10/24/2009
NO, NE is weird, in general.. They have 2 friends and die.. I lived in R.I. and I called it the home of the odd lots...NE needs to be in its own entity, way up there by Greenland, all my themselves....They have no street signs so you know where you are,a nd no stop signs...There is NO other area in the US as strange, as NE.. Better be catholic, and play bingo, if you want to have any friends...

Big on "higher education", but at a loss for any "common sense" in N.E...If you want a blend of common sense, and higher education, go to the midwest...cheap cost of living there, also, and people talk to you, also..

North Olmsted, OH

Leave it to Beaver...back in time...
- 6/4/2007
I lived here, a few years back, and I dont think it has changed much.. North Olmsted, to me is a revamping of the good life... of all the places Ive ever lived, N. Olmsted is the best....Is like going back in time, to the 50 s and the 60 s.. with June Cleaver and Donna Reed... The people are friendly, carefree, and it is basically still, a white collar, west of Cleveland, suburb.. The police dept, the library, the neighborhoods, are a good as it gets.. I still go back to visit, and work up that way, if my job/route takes me there.... People are still polite.. Drivers also, are still polite..it is SAFE... NO ghetto areas here, and all that goes with that...ALL of Clevelands west side suburbs, are pretty much, almost all white, and LOW to no crime..Cleveland in itself, gets a bad rap, and not really an accurate picture, on the whole....If you want a nice, SAFE family enviroment, N. Olmstead, is still affordable, much less ($$) that Westlake, a neighboring burb to the North, but higher priced.. on a scale from, 1-10..North Olmstead, Ohio, gets a 9 1/2....People are friendly and helpful, but not nosey and/or, " in your space" like so many other, small Ohio towns...

Denver, CO

- 12/15/2006
Oh Michelle..Im so sorry.. Ive never been to Denver..If you want friendly people, and LOW crime, try the west CLEVELAND suburbs.. North Olmsted, is still a "leave it to beaver", city, with kindness, and caring people.. even though OHIO get s bad rap, I dont think too many people would deem us a snobs.. I was just reading, comments about other cities, and I came about yours.. (((Michelle and family))).. ALWAYS welcome in the CLEVELAND AREA, no matter WHAT color!.......))))DENVER((((..

North Olmsted, OH

Clevelands not that bad..
- 12/10/2006
Cleveland gets a bad rap.. Its not that terrible.. the suburbs, esp on the west side, are affordable, and the people are grand, with a LOW crime rate....N. Olmsted, is my favorite, and affordable, with a LOW crime rate, and GREAT PEOPLE......Fairview Park, is also affordable, but smaller houses....Rocky River, is overpriced, with an attitude, but the worse attitude is white collar PLUS, "Bay Village".. or referred to as BAY.. If you like vintage, large, old victorian homes, Lakewood, would be a place to check out, a neatr to Cleveland proper, westside, established suburb....Westlake, another west side suburb, is high end, and overpriced, but thats just my opinion.. If you like a "lily white" suburb/environment, KEEP WEST, to any of the above burbs......If you are a minority, and/or speak a foreign language, head for the EASTSIDE, or east side suburbs, and you will feel right at home, welcomed, and comfortable.......Ohio City is the hispanic area, with old fashion, vividly painted, restored homes, but the crime rate, on Clevelands near west side, is high..HOOKERS loom, on the west side, of Cleveland proper.. Cleveland is definitely, a 'city devided"..The west side/burbs, its like being on Omaha, Nebraska, and LILY WHITE.. If you like diversity, and a multi cultured environment, go EAST...I think the cost of living is more with the eastide suburbs..The jewish synagogues, are all on the EAST side, with a high jewish poulation in Beachwood,(app. 85,000) Solon, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, and just about any "high end" east side suburb....Just my input.. Hope this helps someone.. To me, you have the brunt of rude people, on the east side, and a more gentle, laid back atmosphere, in the west side suburbs...Clevelands westside suburbs, any are a fantastic place, to raise a family, and settle down.. The people are very friendly, but NOT imposing and "nosey", as it is with many small towns, in Ohio..

Chicago, IL

agree on rude people
- 12/10/2006
I dont live in Chicago, but I almost moved there, 25 years ago.. I agree that the people are rude.. Chicago, in my book, is the only city in the midwest, that belongs, back east...Even on EBAY, the rudest sellers ever, hail from Chicago..If you want a BIG city thats affordable, and the people are nice, check out Cleveland/suburbs.... Cleveland gets a bad rap..North Olmsted, Ohio a west of Cleveland suburb, is a fairy tale community, left over from Leave it to Beaver.. Its the best place I have ever lived...with a fantastic PD, library, and neighbors in general..NOT SNOBBY either..

Canton, OH

NO on Canton, Ohio..
- 8/7/2006
For a city of only 79,000.. you have a high concentration of LOW LIFE.. WAY too much, with people just out "milling around".. looking for something to get into.. A lot of sex offenders, ex cons, and the same people in and out of jail, wrecking havoc on peoples lives.... HOOKERS galore, pimps, drug dealers, and people just screaming in the streets, in the middle of the night, early morning.....CHEAP housing,is expected, and is...The really oustanding things, are that the City of Canton, has a GREAT mayor, Mayor Janet Weir Creighton, and just as outstanding, is the Canton City Police Chief, Dean McKimm..ALSO, Canton has a terrific police force...Unfortunately the mentality in Canton, what there is of it, goes in a big circle, and ends up where it started..NOT a people, with vision, for the most part..... A very prominent "redneck" attitude, prevails, and if you go outside the general mode, people run for fear of the unknown..Very clannish and clicky, with a small town mentality....LOTS of crime, and low life behavior patterns..Canton is trying to make a comeback, and no one could be in a better place to make that happen, then the current Mayor, and the current Police chief, mentioned above.....People with a normal lifestyle, and the $$$$ to get out, FLEE to the burbs, where they can buy a decent car, without the fear of someone looking in it by day, and breaking into it, by night..Someone banging on your door to "use the phone", or hitting you up for 'a ride".. MANY alcoholics....with people just milling around, block by block....Yep, thats Canton, Ohio....HIGH tolerance and "Pity" for criminals, with Cantons HUGE array of "social helps groups", and very little justice, for those living right.. HOWEVER, the Canton Police Chief, DOESNT play that, and neither does the Canton Police Force....

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