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Dayton, OH

Live Here - 1/9/2011
What do I say about Dayton? I've lived here or in one of the suburbs of Dayton my whole life. Dayton should be a great city, it is near a big river, it has lots of underground water access, a big Air Force Base, many famous inventors of the past, and a long and profitable auto industry, but it isn't great. In Dayton proper the crime rate is very high, there are many racial tensions, and infrastructure decay. Most of our Industry has left the State or gone out of the country. The unemployment rate is high. Our cost of living is very low if you can find a job. We had so many Manufacturing jobs here, but most of them are gone, and they've left people with no job prospects. I've heard that we are turning into a service based economy, but you can't make enough money to live on working in service jobs, even with a low cost of living.

The winters are cold and wet. The summers are nice for a few days, but it is mostly too humid here. Fall is great, but not very long. Spring has gotten shorter and turns to summer too quickly. We have tornados in the spring especially in the flatter areas like Xenia and Preble County.

There are a lot of nice people here, but lots of rednecks! Lots of country music if you like it. Dayton does have some decent sport teams, if you like sports. There are Plays, concerts, museums etc. if you are brave enough to go downtown to see them. I live on the southern outskirts of Dayton and I never go downtown unless I have to. It is just too scary. I shop in Kettering, Oakwood, or Miamisburg. Some of the suburbs of Dayton are very nice, but the crime is starting to creep into them too.

The only reason we are still here is because it is familiar and we have family here. Thinking of leaving Ohio this year. I sure wish Dayton could go back to when it was a great place to live and work, but it looks like it will be many years or never before it does.

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