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Hot Springs, AR

Moving soon
- 3/30/2006
We are moving soon. we have 4 kids and need some were thay can grow up.. We are thinking of renting for a while. We both also need jobs...Hot Springs is a place I have hurd of many times... We are in Lufkin TX. so its not to far from you. I don't know how far. Any help with any of this??

Dallas, TX

I also need to know about dallas
- 3/30/2006
Me and my husband and 4 kids are thinking of moving. Dallas is only 4 hours away from our familys who we are very close to ... But I think if we are moving then we need to pick the perfect place... But we just don't know were.

Lufkin, TX

I don't know where you are wanting
- 3/30/2006
We live in Lufkin Tx. well just alittle out of lufkin in HUDSON. I love it here. Lots of new job opp. and the city of Lufkin is about 3miles away and is getting bigger and bigger, but not Hudson it is all country. Not really Farm like or what ever, but you know your nabors and the parents of the kids who gose to school with yours and we have yards and in the last...6 yrs we got our first of sub divitions.If thats what you could call them.But it is a great place.

Cherry Hills Village, CO

We want to move. But WHERE?
- 3/30/2006
Me and My husband and our 4 kids are ready for the big chang in our lives and are ready to move by the end of the summer.We live in Texas right now near our family(really near)And we feel like it is time to take that step out in to the world and make a home for our selves. But we don't know where to move??? Since we have kids schools and the neighborhood is so important. But since we have four kids price is important also. And since we would both be starting completly over We would both need jobs.... I don't know what to do. but we know its time...

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