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Port Orange, FL

Beautiful Town - 3/22/2018
I live here. I have lived in North Florida, and South Florida, and now here. It is a lovely town. I love how they leave natural trees and hammocks when they build. I love the ocean nearby. I love the bridge over the river. I love the restaurants. I love the great schools. It is a pretty town, with nice people. I don't like how the Dunlawton corridor is overcrowded, and traffic is bad. But it is still a nice town, and a good place to raise a family.

Homestead, FL

Gone downhill to the max - 3/22/2018
I lived in the Redlands from 1968 to 1980. I loved it with all my heart. It was beautiful, peaceful, clean, gorgeous groves, tropical flowers and plants. Nice people, uncrowded. Homestead was a sweet country town. Now, the WHOLE AREA is a nightmare, especially Homestead. But even the Redlands are full of people, who are not nice and don't speak English. They litter too. Is that their country's custom? They didn't learn not to litter from Woodsy Owl? Gangs of stray, vicious dogs roam everywhere. Disgusting, trashy people dump their dogs in the "country." You used to be able to ride your horse in the beautiful Redlands, no more. Traffic, vicious dog packs, shady people, litter. Unsafe. The hurricane wiped out all the beautiful foliage. Everything is shabby and drab now in the Redlands. Homestead is a Third World country. Chickens in the parking lot. Dirty and nasty. Crime, litter, poor schools, no one from the U.S., rude, filthy. Even Shiver's used to be in an ok area, now in a desolate wasteland from the hurricane. Everything is so shabby and unappealing, and crowded. The schools are like a prison yard. The whole town is just awful. No one likes each other, no one from the same place. Which would be ok if people were nice, but they are not. It is the armpit of the nation, and I am not the only one I have heard describe it this way. So unappealing. The Redlands used to be beautiful oasis I loved coming home to, no more. Homestead used to be a cute, fun farming town with nice people. No more. Sad.

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