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Colorado Springs, CO

Awesome or Horrible depending on the neighborhood - 2/10/2019
I bought a house in Colorado Springs, on Cheyenne Blvd, about a mile from S. Nevada, in 2002. Prices in general weren't so high then. Plus, that S. Nevada area that bordered us was extremely blighted (to say the least!). In 2007, we moved overseas and have rented it out ever since. During that time home prices gradually increased. Then, the city finally started tearing out that dingy blighted mess that was S. Nevada Ave. It's being replaced with fine shopping and dining places, etc. The dinge is gone. Basically, anywhere on the west side, below or on the mountains, is great.

There are also some really fine areas around downtown; neighborhoods full of the original Victorian houses. This includes the area around Colorado College.

But there are bad areas too. Much of the South Academy Blvd. area is crime-infested. Along the central and North Academy Blvd, it becomes a blah, boring, area, full of the same sorts of generic neighborhoods you'll find anywhere else. And where 'fine dining' equals Super China Buffet and Golden Coral.

So really, it's like most other cities, in that it can be either great or totally suck depending on which area you live.

The only real problems city-wide are that some people can't handle a lot of snow in the winters, and sometimes in the summer there are golfball-sized hail stones during storms. But everywhere in the world has some problems. CA has earthquakes. Hawaii has volcanoes. Oklahoma has tornados. There's no perfect place, anywhere.


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