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Wichita, KS
a GREAT place to live
Posted On: 7/15/2011 6:47:38 PM
All you people saying there's no shopping obviously have not been to New Market Square or the very upscale Bradley Fair stores. True our malls are not the very best, but not the worst by far either. We have old town with plenty of night clubs. The Riverside area is clean and nice homes, sorry but not just the rich of Maize and Rock rd are clean. We are very clean people. You need to come out of your box and see what Wichita truly is. We have the art museum, Opera, a new arena with plenty of concerts including Elton John,George Straight,and many others. Ice hockey, indoor football, minor league baseball at a newly remodeled field. Plenty of golf courses, ice skating, roller skating, a beautiful botanical gardens, two adventure centers, youth sports include volleyball, football, cheerleading, softball, and more. chili cookoff, river festival, craft fairs, plenty of museums(have you been to any?) an Imax theatre, The Wichita symphony, the Wichita theatrical plays, Exploration place, Delano district shopping. Car shows, boat shows, Tea rooms, beautiful parks, lakes and more. You can get a burger,coke and fries for $2.99. Try finding that in Mn, New York, NM, or anywhere for that matter. Upscale restraunts are also here. And illegals are everywhere hate to tell you.. And I don't worry everyday that we are going to be bombed by terrorists.. give me this city any day. If you prefer a big city good MOVE!

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Wichita, KS

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