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Arroyo Grande, CA

Living in Arroyo...
- 8/31/2006
To live in Arroyo Grande, you must have money, (or just act like you do). If not, you are left behind and looked down upon. It is a town filled with ranchers, or LA people. These people act like everyone else is there to serve them. Without money, your kids won't get into decent schools, you will live in bad neighborhoods, and you will never afford to buy a home...EVER! Yuppie, SUV driving snobs rule here...be aware!

Bend, OR

Life in Bend OR
- 8/31/2006
Life here is very different. It is seperated between the newbies and the ones who grew up here! Most of the newbies seem to be rich "wana-be's". They are familys that wanted to be the best and richest where they came from...but couldnt, so they came here to flash their money around. Some families however, are here just trying to make a living and enjoy life. Because of the increse in population, the traffic is terrible...the mix of driving styles is scary...and there are fewer road rules and no one to inforce them.

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