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Pay attention, I'm only going to say this once...

I'm 45 single w/NO KIDS Yes, Planned Parenthood unlike you and 94% of everyone else.
I've never changed a diaper nor ever had a hangover.
I've had 116 employers, (documented)
Owned 157 cars 54 motorcycles, been over 190 MPH on 2 wheels, only totaled 5 of them, 3 head-on, flew 147'110'& 87' through the air, hit a tree 20' in the air, broke many bones, suffered permanent brain damage(can't tell can ya?)
Lost my DL for 18 years, sat over 3 years in the hole, paid over $26K in fines, Snuck out of a county jail and even snuck 1 of my 4 ex fiances in for the night....
There is more to my eventful existence for the asking...


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Sales
Enjoys: Women, Motorsports of all kinds, a good Stout, stimulating conversations and anarcy, rather than another braindead republican..


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McFarland, WI

Heads Up - 10/24/2008
The latest April Hill Saga is the penetration of a secondary road into our almost gated community...My home happens to be one of the oldest and possibly the original property in the hill, 1897... After losing 25' of the front of my property, they call "ezment" to widen Siggelkow Rd. the board recently voted to put the secondary access road through my back yard! Even upon documented disapproval, 70% to be exact was brought to the boards attention.. Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the elected officials to have the peoples best interests be the factor for decisions??? "By the people for the people"

Or did that go out with Planned Parenthood and discipline?


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