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Hurricane, UT

Not for me - 11/12/2017
Crime on the rise. Drug trafficking, children trafficking. You name it. Nevada & California people are here and house prices are rising, and so is crime. City counsel still is 20yrs behind and is a joke.

Hurricane, UT

re: A nice place to retire
- 11/12/2017
Couldn't have said it better.

La Verne, CA

City declining. Houses going up for sale - 3/25/2015
After living here for 30 years, its time to move like others are doing. The local police no longer patrol. If you call them for a crime, you are made to feel you are at fault for calling them. You are lectured, talked into not making a report. If you do end up filing, they will tell the suspect if caught who told to stop you next time from calling them.

As for the schools, are you buying here because of the schools? Don't. The school police are at the high school daily for fights and drugs. Why? The school district is very much into "inter district transfers". So, your kids are going to school with kids from Pomona! I think the ratio is 70/30. Meaning 70% are from Pomona. So, why buy here when you kids will go to school with kids from Pomona? Don't think your going to the district to complain. Their not going to care. Here is a quote from the admin "if we remove them, they will sue".

Crime? Just had a double homicide. My garage has been broken into and two other neighbors also with 6 months. Calling PD does nothing.

Good luck on your search. But, La Verne isn't it.


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