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Flagstaff, AZ

Really Sucks - 10/22/2019
If you want congestion, you've got it. 30 minutes from I-40 to downtown. If you want the liberal sick weirdo crowd, you've got it: Piercings and tattoos that would make you think you were in a "Mad Max" movie. Nothing normal. I have visited Flagstaff many times, and never came away, even at their best restaurants without diarrhea, and an upset stomach. No cleanliness on the streets. Even worse, a crowd of Phoenix weirdos during the Summer that make the downtown completely unpalatable. The liberal ethos is disgustingly politically correct, even for a town with a University that is full of questionable intellect: their charter is to accept every Arizonan, regardless. Well, as the 49th state in educational ability, this is a pretty challenged crowd. Weather is awful. cold almost always, and thunderstorms with hail that will knock out your windshield in Summer. Add in the poor Indian drunks (who wouldn't drink in this town) that roam the streets, falling over, and you have, in sum, a very undesirable town, that you wouldn't even visit, less want to live there.


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