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Nashville-Davidson, TN
re: White guy from Texas' perspective
Posted On: 6/7/2018 12:30:54 PM
I just want people to be aware and to be informed as I feel that Nashville is 'advertised' incorrectly

It is NOT, I REPEAT NOT a good place for young, single EDUCATED professional transplants... It is also NOT a 'Southern" town at all, I just want people to be VERY INFORMED and to save them the trouble

It is GREAT for FAMILIES and for if you are VISITING... that's it

Dallas, TX
Not Top 10 but good enough and close
Posted On: 6/6/2018 2:55:34 PM
I'm a native Texas boy, home grown and have family all across the state.

Hell, I went to school in Dallas... the "well known" one...take a guess where?

And while I cherish my time in Dallas and education, there are better cities in the country.

I do however miss Uptown Dallas and Knox-Henderson... Especially as those are both so close to each other and urban/walkable lol. But compared to other cities in the country, it's not anything "special" lol.

I miss the suburbs and have many, many, MANY very very CLOSE ties in the North Dallas suburbs.

People who complain about Dallas don't realize that it's a city that is "big enough" to where you will have all the big city amenities that you want. But it's not like "first/top tier" in the country. But it's 'good enough'.

Listen, it could be worse... and I would know lol. I've lived in much worse lol

But that shouldn't discourage one from coming to Dallas. I just wouldn't make it my top/first choice.

The main negatives would be that:
- it's VERY, VERY pretentious (this is true lol)
- it's urban, but not 'as urban' as other cities in the country...so you have MUCH BETTER options. I wouldn't turn down going to LA/NYC/Chicago for Dallas as an example... That would be VERY stupid as an example lol.
- BRUTALLY hot, HOT summers... I don't miss those Dallas summers (especially July - September)

4 stars... I can't give it 5... although I have many, many friends back home in Dallas it doesn't deserve a top star rating.

Minneapolis, MN
re: It’s probably you not them
Posted On: 6/6/2018 2:29:57 PM
I agree!

I never understood the "negative" reviews of people against Minneapolis or Minnesota in general. And I'm not a Twins or Vikings fan, but been too MANY over the years! But they definitely do take pride in their hometown athletes (Mauer, Thielen,etc) and that's GREAT, I think that brings "cohesiveness" to the culture.

My only complaint has always and ONLY been the WINTERS! Jesus Christ they are BRUTAL and you actually REALLY DO need a "winter car/vehicle" if you use a sport(ier) car as your Daily Driver. It just simply won't survive or be safe. Even with the salted down roads, it's still a hazard without a "winter vehicle". Even let's say if you commute from Minneapolis/St.Paul TO/FROM the outer 1st shell (Maple Grove, Vadnais Heights, Cottage Grove, etc)... it's actually still dangerous during the winters without a "winter vehicle" lol.

Other than that, man... nothing but good (er... GREAT) things

Minneapolis, MN
VERY, VERY, VERY underrated
Posted On: 6/6/2018 2:22:50 PM
I absolutely LOVE this city!

And would put this in my Top 10 cities in the country easily...

No order:
-New York
- Los Angelos
- Washington DC
- Chicago
- Seattle
- San Francisco
- Atlanta
- Minneapolis
- Boston
- One of the Texas top 3 (would be LAST)

*Again, that list is no particular order and I am a "Texas native".... so i am a little "biased" towards the Texas cities but

I absolutely love Minneapolis

- INTENSE, deathly winters... they are VERY, VERY intense here! I own a newer convertible and don't drive that one up when I am in Minneapolis winters because it simply will NOT survive! The coldest winters in the country BAR NONE!!
- "In or you're out" type mentality... I will get to this later
- Can be a pretty expensive city with all the taxes and having to pay/prepare for winter weather.

- amazing live music scene
- excellent location for if you wanna travel to other states to see family
- very good, DISTINCT neighborhoods
- very, very Urban and incredible architecture
- always something going on

So the big negative I hear from most others is of the "Minnesota (N)Ice"... Well honestly, it's an "in or you're out" type of thing. Minnesota is OBVIOUSLY heavily Scandinavian lol. So they will either "accept you" out the bat or dislike you and you can generally tell.

An example was, on my VERY FIRST day in Minneapolis I was invited to someone's house to watch a ballgame. I've heard different stories, but my experiences have always been VERY, VERY positive actually with Minneapolis and Minnesota as a whole. Also I am NOT a Vikings or Twins fan so that is also suprising. But I have always been "in". I missed my time going ice fishing, to Twins games(not a fan of them), going boating, hiking, etc. It's definitely a pretty "exclusive" culture, but once you're "in" they are your friends for life. That's just the culture there.

So what that means is... you will either be "in" and have the time of your life and have made the BEST DECISION of your LIFE. Or it will suck... lol

I'm white btw.

Nashville-Davidson, TN
White guy from Texas' perspective
Posted On: 6/5/2018 5:18:57 PM
I'm a little biased as I'm a home grown native guy from Texas who has family and VERY CLOSE ties all across Texas. I'll try to be objective here...

Many of the negative reviews are "spot on"... If you come to visit with friends it will be AMAZINGLY FUN!!

But living here is VERY, VERY different....

Coming from Texas, I've heard people describe Dallas as "fake", Houston as "trashy", and Austin as not "Southern" and San Antonio as "too ethnic/diverse"

Honestly... all of those would describe Nashville IMHO.

The state of Tennessee is GORGEOUS and I do admire the Vanderbilt area and surrounding areas But inner city Nashville, in my opinion coming from Texas, is pretty fake, (VERY) trashy, (VERY) not Southern, (WAY TOO) diverse/ethnic.

You may come for the weekend and head out on Friday night, ALL DAY Saturday, ALL DAY Sunday and thiink that it's the greatest place on Earth and you'll probably "love" your stay. But that little microcosm does not embody what it's like to "live" in Nashville.

There is no neighborhood targeted for young, EDUCATED, AMBITIOUS 25-35 year olds who take care of themselves. That would be Brentwood/Franklin area... which are GREAT, but those are suburbs lol. Not much different than what I would get back home in Texas.

Which pretty much leads you to live in a very, LOUD, TOURISTY part of town, a BAD part of town, or by the Vanderbilt area. The Vanderbilt area is great and I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED that part of town but it's honestly kind of "lame" IMHO if you hang out around that area past the age of 25/26; unless you work at Vandy or at the medical center.

So pretty much everyone in that demographic lives in Brentwood or Franklin LOL... so it's not really different than "white flight" back home.

Let me tell you about this though...

It's not "gentrified" here... which means, and i've read this a few times on here, that youo may run into "undesirables" when out at night with friends. This happens quite frequently actually and coming from Texas, where we simply DO NOT ALLOW people like that in to establishments... this was SHOCKING

*I believe that this attributes to the INSANELY HIGH crime rate here*

The crime is VERY VERY VERY HIGH, especially considering the size of the city...

It makes me believe that a lot of the tourists or out of towners come in and cause trouble b/c they have nothing to lose.

It's not very appealin when there are OTHER OPTIONS in the country lol

Also... the fakeness... this is mostly attributed to the city of Nashville NOT being "southern" at all. Aside from the surrounding area and MAYBE the Vandy area, this is NOT NOT NOT NOT a "Southern" city lol.

Austin is more "Southern" than Nashvile and I mean that if you've lived in both you can TELL. Plus, a lot of the good country is "Texas country" so they don't know much about Eli Young, Randy Rogers, George Strait, etc here... it's a big "culture shock" actually LOL.

Last but not least, it is NOT a "classy" city. I used to believe that Houston was the epitome of a "trashy" city back in Texas... Oh boy, Nashville takes the cake lol. Besides the smell from the O&G refineries in Houston, Houston is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH classier than Nashville. This is on many levels from day to day life, to how people "carry and present" themselves, to the dating scene, to even the nightlife. If you come here you will know what I mean.

I honestly feel that Nashville is much "closer" to Las Vegas than ANY other city LOL. But that would probably be insulting to Las Vegas.

This is NOT a "Southern" city.
This is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the next "IT" city or Austin
This is TRASH.

In 12 years... YES, you heard it 12 YEARS!!! They are predicting it will hit 1 million in the metro area... So ....what that means is...

In 12 years!!!! It will be what Austin was in its starting/infancy LOL as far as size/people/nightlife/culture

That's a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time!!!!!!

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