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Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs has a stultifying cultur - 1/25/2021
Progressive in america IS communist in any other place else in the world .. go compare it . If you dont like what america was founded on leave to one that fits progressive's like red china. Im sure you will love it .

Portland, OR

welcome to the perfect liberal progressive city - 1/3/2021
as you drive into portland from I5 south you get closer to Portland you get graffiti walls like you just drove into hell on both side of the freeway, thats your first thing you see , then as you get closer into portland you see the homeless everywhere, and i do mean everywhere, from downtown to Laurelhurst neighborhoods to powell blvd to hwy 205 out foster road . you got it .. everywhere. it is a SH>> hole . created by liberal progressives for ALL to have that equality they so want called POOR, its the progressive way to wealth.. the equalness of it .. thats the wealth of it all. nobody has much , nobody will get much and you wont be allowed to have it UNLESS the government says you can.. your liberal social justice at work here. They have a great family services who break up homes though! cause the blue haired wtf is that person says you are unfit to be a parent.
You will also get some of the highest taxation in america on your personal income AND even now scorps are being taxed on pass through money ,,its great for slowing down business investment. Oh and some of the highest cost housing anywhere in america is waiting for you ! its great .. really .. but hey tent cities are cheap.. but must move often cause the police move ya ..BUT WAIT! you can now take over someones yard and they cant kick you off so theres that . I do have to say they sure know how to create absolutely a city of HELL . for sure they are by far the best at it ..been here for 25 years and HATE everything about the people of Portland.. EVERYTHING. they are brainwashed into thinking crap is the best thing , government work is actually work, and total destruction of liberty and freedom is perfect for a more free america.. Yes they are THAT stupid here if you think this is good PLEASE move here. the dips from cal moved here then vote the same way as if it wont happen again here.. unreal. cal is GONE. we all know why but a liberal wont wake up to why untill they are corralled like a sheep. then its to late. PORTLAND is no place for anyone

Portland, OR

Moved from Tx to Portland love portland! - 1/3/2021
racists and fascists would stop coming from their redneck towns HA! evrer take a gander of the tent town t=where ALL thesee so called freedom fighters called anifa and BLM come from? they are NOT for america, just ask them. as for the cops and tear gas.. so let them burn up everything? . deface everything? ..then they go into neighborhoods and scream and threaten the people asleep.. you are perfect for Portland. I live just outside it . 25 years .. Portland has finally getting what it planned . a new Detroit created by liberal communists called progressives. please stay in Portland you ALL deserve that crap hole of earth. and I do mean crap hole literally..

Portland, OR

No job market, bad weather, narcissists, - 1/3/2021

Portland, OR

Moved from Tx to Portland love portland! - 1/3/2021
Im a concervatibe oitside portland and you are exactly what portland is. That s why you fit so well. You dont understand what a nazi is or a facist. What are they ? What is the full name os a nazi? They are socialists. The fascists ? Look the history up on them then look to anifa pretending to be non facists. I libed and worked i. Portland 25 years . its a sh..hole of oregon.

Portland, OR

Portland gets MY 5-Star Review! GREAT cit - 6/20/2019
Well if you like people who Love homeless and crap everwhere , hate conservatives like you would not believe , and UNDERSTAND that weird in portland they want to keep is called Marxism.
Right now we have a super majority of communist as the leaders of this sate and if you do not believe that then go look at there voting record. Portland is now accepting people with tattoos up there neck and only a high school diploma as there police. there ya go.. Real high end to choose from cause they pretty much tied the hands of the police to curb the violence. thats a fact . yeah the climate is great . its a beautiful state Until you realize its run by liberals who DO NOT CARE about people at all It all about power over them though ( llok up where the people Ok'd the Stt Tax ,, they just force it in) . Born and raised here. In time if you think they need that much power.. you will see just what im talking about ESPECIALLY if you open a business here. They have now voted in cap and trade BS and today are voting to force small and large business into bankruptcy from outlawing diesel engine built before 2008. so if you need to have a communist type gov .(there so much I could tell you) then this is the place for you .

Idaho, ID

Why I like Idaho
- 6/20/2019
One thing is certain.. IF you dont keep the liberal out ,, it will turn into the cancer just like here in oregon and california AND washington. we have NO way of stopping it But one way , and that May happen down the road.

Boise, ID

One of the Top 5 cities to Live
- 4/24/2019
AND NO LIBERALS WANTED>> I plan on moving there from HELL.. called Portland .. really Im serious just stay the...away from Boise.

Portland, OR

stay as Far Away as you can youve bee war - 4/24/2019
First the gun people would be the ones saving yer butt.. usually a conservative. you wont find them beating on people or in a riot.. those would be the liberal so called anifa.. the ones trying to shut down free speech and beating and presenting guns in there photo ops. so you can forget about who they are I live here to . they are the left.. period. yo dont like oregon ? me either.. the drugs were not allowed here by conservatives that would be the left. they homeless? those are so well taken care of .. i mean the left have created that to and treat them like crap.. yet still want there vote. Individualism? thats what makes america great er did .. you see the left took that and created a Marxist atmosphere in the 70s ..when people cred about each other they would talk with one another ,,what the liberas did was create hate within the community HOW? start telling on people instead of confronting and helping them..the left crested the NARC .. that stopped many peolle from wantinhg to get to know your neighbor. in the60s and 70s we used to go on poicnics and ask people if they wpid like to play a softball game we got to care b=about one onother that way .. community .. now? its antifa. liberals did this .. and they are doning even worse thinghs right now that MOST people in oregon have no idea its happening.. wea re onthe verge of massive taxes.. 16cent increase in gas , home taxes , they put in a transit tax most people dont even know they pay .. they snuck it in. but there is more .. so the only reason oregon and the west coast is CRAP is BECAUSE OF LIBERALISM PERIOD. IT FACT. 40 YEARS OF DEMS AS GOVERNOR AND SUPER MAJORITY LEGISLATURE. AND YOU WANT THE GUNS GONE? YOU MAY NEED THEM ..

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