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Salt Lake City, UT

Keep Denver, SLC for me - 7/19/2019
I am a native Catholic Coloradan, however I lived for 13 years in SLC back in the 60s. It was a great childhood and I loved the fact that within 10 minutes I could ride through the national forest on a mountain bike. Being anti-Mormon is still acceptable in the age of PC BS. Imagine the uproar if one said they did not want to live in Minnesota because of the Muslim influence? I’m proud to currently live in Colorado Springs for the past 20 years. Thank goodness, because I couldn’t take Denver again, especially wit’s the antifa/liberal/anything goes political climate. Hey here’s an idea, let’s go over to Aurora, desecrate the American flag and fly the Mexican. SICK. If it weren’t for the Springs, my family would return to SLC in a heartbeat.

Albuquerque, NM

Not for me. - 6/19/2019
Having visited ABQ for many, many years, I have to agree with the line from one of my favorite shows, Breaking Bad. Skyler asks Marie if she is going to visit Hank while he’s in El Paso? Marie replies “ El Paso, are you kidding? This place is Third World enough!” Couldn’t agree more.

Albuquerque, NM

Old Albuquerqueans do not want you here - 6/19/2019
As a Coloradan, I can’t believe anybody who lives here would want to live in New Mexico. Good Lord?

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