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Occupation: Healthcare - RNs & Nurse Management


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Glenside, PA

GO GREEN OR BE SAFE? - 10/15/2009
I am 100% with going as green as possible,...but I really feel strongly
about streets so dark that to walk safely, you need a flashlight!!There are
quite a few very big and bushy trees along most of the streets we walk on,
but,none of them obscures any streetlights. Mainly because the lights on the poles are so few and far between,that none of the trees leaves come near them.There is the occassional house with their house light on, but being a
quiet neighborhood, with lots of hard-working residents,there aren't too many
porch lights left on after 7 or 8 pm. My husband and I walk our two dogs
usually between 7:30 & 8:00 pm,...this is because they are still being trained, and meeting other doggies usually ends the lesson before we get a chance to even get started! So, about 8 mos.ago, my husband came up with the idea to wait until most of the rest of the neighborhood pups have been out,
and then our 2 monsters won't be distracted! They are 2 yr.old, extremely stubborn Beagles! VERY difficult to train...they operate on one principle
only...lots and lots and lots of positive reinforcement!! Anyway,..that's
really the only complaint we have...this neighborhood is really nice,...of course, every neighborhood has it's "mean man", and other quirky types, but that's what makes it so nice---diversity!! We just need some more light,
so we don't trip on a crack trying to exercise our pets!!
Come on Abington!!! It's not as if we were even close to being short on
municipal funding!! Face it, this area's taxes are high,...property's mostly
from $300 K,...so, why can't the township put a few more street lights out
there?? It's not safe,...less light just makes more dark, dark areas for someone to hide in, and leap out from!!!!
Let's not wait until we have a tragedy!!! Hang a few more lights around here,
...at least, put more lights on until a later hour,...for example,...you guys add a light in between the 2 or 3 that are up now,...but, those lights
only stay on until 12 midnight. Then, they go off completely, and until
daybreak, just the few light are on. At least then the streets would be better lit and safer until 12 midnight. Ample time for everyone to get home
and into their homes safely.

Thanks for the ' space '.


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