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Vegan health fanatic, Looks 20-25 years younger than actual age. If you're still eating dead animals, you're insane


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Healthcare - Other


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Ormond Beach, FL

Rotten place to live - 3/8/2019
Bike week 2019 has just started. I have lived here for 3 years. There is nothing here except tons of traffic, tract housing, lousy restaurants, no culture, substandard shopping, ridiculous fees and taxes, and almost nothing to do except bum around the dirty beach. If you are a professional person, or you are used to the culture and amenities of a normal city or suburb, you will hate this place like I do. Lots of rude rednecks here too.

Port St. Lucie, FL

Port st Lucie sucks!!!
- 10/8/2018
Totally true. Nothing to do except golf. Lousy restaurants, bad shopping, and tons of rednecks. Rude drivers and too much traffic.

Port St. Lucie, FL

- 10/8/2018
So true. This is an absolutely horrible place to live if you are intelligent, educated and like culture, decent shopping, and restaurants.

Nashville-Davidson, TN

re: Depends on Priorities and Preferences
- 5/20/2018
That so called appreciation you described with be gone in the next crash. A house doesn't go out in value by $600K in 2 years in any normal market unless it's a $20M house

New Mexico, NM

re: Land of entrapment
- 9/19/2017
Your writing style shows you are illiterate. Therefore, your review is worthless

The Villages, FL

re: The Best Place to Retire
- 8/8/2017
Dancing in the square? What straight man would want to do that with a bunch of old obese land whale women who hit the wall 30 years before? Better to go to Costa Rica or the Philippines and get hot young women instead of these vile old hens.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

re: Living in Fort Lauderdale - 7/2/2010
- 8/5/2014
Shameless self promotion from a realtwhore. Sorry pal, this is not a good place to live, with all the road rage, nasty NYers, and junky overpriced restaurants, fake gold diggers, etc

Port St. Lucie, FL

The worst place I ever lived - 10/4/2013
I lived in PGA Village which is the nicest community in town. Once I got outside of the community, I was confronted by a sea of rednecks, tailgaters in jacked up pick-up trucks, trailer park trash people, low life toothless and tattoo'd losers, and a negative energy that I have never experienced anywhere before. It's incredible unfriendly and there is absolutely nothing to do for an adult here. Horrible restaurants selling junk food, no decent shopping, terrible traffic for such a small city, and an overall feeling of apathy in this place. There is zero work ethic and trying to hire competent contractors to work on your house is all but impossible. The worst part of all is the NUCLEAR REACTOR WHICH RELEASES RADIATION all over this city. It's closer to the population than any other reactor in the country, has had the most unplanned shutdown, releases trillium into the reactor pond which ends up in the ground water and is a know carcinogen. Lots of brain cancers and Leukemia here. Research this yourself by searching for "dangers of st lucie nuclear reactor" The radiation plume does not extend over Stuart or Vero which are both better places to live. PSL and Fort Pierce are two disgusting pits of hell which are suitable for low life drug addicts. The police love to write tickets but I never got one. Avoid this redneck hell unless you are one of them. If you decide to move here, be prepared to drive at least 45 miles each way for decent dining and shopping.

Nashville-Davidson, TN

Filthy and loaded with crime
- 1/5/2007
I spent 3 years in that hell hole between 2003 and 2006. The traffic is absolutely horrible during rush hour. It's better after 8 PM. The air is absolutely filthy and there is always a chemical smell in the air with horrible ozone year round. Except for West End, Green Hills, and Williamson County, the area is loaded with red-necks. Other than country music bars and rib restaurants, there isn't much to do except fight the road rage on the rpad. MSN ranked Nashville as the 5th angriest city in the USA based on road rage and high blood pressure problems. The violent and property crime is horrendous and this is a very dangerous city. If others want to fool themselves into thinking this is a good place, let them. It is dirty, run down, crime ridden, ugly, and the road rage, tailgaters, and volume of traffic that clogges the road will make you wish you never moved to this disqusting toilet.

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