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Georgia, GA

re: There are better places - 2/21/2012
- 12/12/2016
Bill I think it is grossly unfair to make such a broad sweeping negative review of the entire state of Ga. based on your bad experiences in Duluth. And "strange" is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure native Georgians may feel the same way if they relocated else where. And as to your comment "believe what people have written here". So you are advising people to write off the entire state based on a random sampling of people who lived in the Atlanta area for a relatively short time ?!!? Grossly unfair Bill !

North Carolina, NC

Love the parts of NC I've seen ! - 12/12/2016
I don't live in NC, I'm from GA. But wish I was wealthy enough for a second home ! I've traveled much of NC and all that I've seen the places are beautiful and the people are very nice ! My wife and I love to vacation there !

Georgia, GA

re: A lot to like - except for the summers and Tea
- 12/12/2016
Tim I'm sorry you feel that way about the Great State of Georgia. However I can imagine that a conservative minded person (right-wing rednecks as you refer to them)may not be really happy living in a place where the people are primarily of the far left liberal ideology either. I've found that most places boil down to being two things primarily, that is a) what are you looking for b) treat people the way You would want to be treated and the vast majority of the time they will respond in like kind, though I realize there are some exceptions. With the latter I just ignore them.

Georgia, GA

re: Living in Atlanta - 9/11/2015
- 12/12/2016
Jane I'm sorry your experience in Atlanta has been a bad one. How ever I can assure you that Atlanta is far from being the total and accurate depiction of Georgia as a whole. Yes we have unfortunately our fair share of rude and mean spirited people, but we also have plenty of very nice and kind hearted people who will go out of their way to help you. Where ever and what ever the future holds for you I hope you have a great life !

Georgia, GA

Georgia Like Any Place Has It's Good & Bad - 12/12/2016
I was sad to read some of the comments about my home state of Georgia. Many were based on experiences people have had living in Atlanta or it's suburbs. Having been born and raised here I can assure you Atlanta and the other nearby large cities do not necessarily represent life in Georgia. I think this is probably true of most states. There by I think it's grossly unfair to have bad experiences in Atlanta or nearby cities and say oh well that's Georgia ! And your experience will be based on primarily what kind of life you are looking for. If you are a laid back type person then rural Georgia may be for you. If you are a high octane person who likes excitement and the night life then maybe Atlanta would be a good fit. As for people, we have our fair share of rude and mean spirited people, but fortunately we also have plenty of very nice people who will go out of their way to help you. I've found that people will treat you the way you treat them the majority of the time. My state is not perfect by far, but it has allot of great things to offer. I can say this having traveled allot of my own country and many foreign countries. So come and visit and don't limit your trip to Just Atlanta. Get out and about ! Come visit us in the Middle Georgia area we'll be glad to have you ! ****P.S. I believe that Atlanta to is probably what YOU make it, help our state to be better !! Roll up your sleeves and help us be the best we can be !!

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