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San Diego, CA

Used to be nice
- 3/5/2019
The mountains and coastal bluffs (Sunset Cliffs, La Jolla, Del Mar) are beautiful but that is a small slice of an area that is overwhelmingly brown, dusty and dirty looking....with unsophisticated residents that look like and dress like slobs to match.

San Diego, CA

San Diego: America’s Finest Underwhelming - 10/27/2018
Include in above under poor infrastructure: frequent water main breaks, South County and even Del Mar raw sewage ocean spills.

Add to overrated weather: May Gray/June gloom.

From Pacific Beach and south to the border (half the county)—douche bro culture with 9 month ungroomed beards, tats and wallet chains.

Overrun with Zonies (Arizona) during the summer, contributing to the growing traffic mess.

Real classy place San Diego—nothing more than a glorified Whittier on the water

Miami, FL

Great Warm Weather Beach CITY - 10/17/2018
I moved here from Bland Diego after coming here for business..dramatic upgrade. If you desire a true warm weather CITY (not collection of beach towns) on the ocean then your only 2 choices are Miami and LA.

Miami is a sexy, cosmopolitan city with great restaurants, nightlife, best looking women in the country, nice ocean you can go in year round without a wetsuit, modern architecture, good hub airport with close proximity to many great domestic and international cities, all 4 pro sports represented, and very good weather.

Those who seem to complain about Miami most likely came here without jobs lined up, cannot support their standard of living, and/or live inland which means they do not get breezes and are stuck in traffic all day.

Miami, FL

Worst place in America
- 10/17/2018
San Diego better compared to Miami?...what a joke...San Diego is better if you like homeless, military, unsophisticated populace, ungroomed populace (9 month beards, tats, no dress code enforcement whatsoever), mediocre restaurants, mediocre nightlife, chillier winters, state income tax, less modern architecture, military town that gets invaded by Zonies over the summer.

San Diego, CA

Born here, left in 2011
- 9/28/2018
Except it can be beat for climate...I’m not saying it is awful, just not as great as some make it out to be.

December-mid March not uncommon for temps to dip into the 40’s. A 58 or 61 degree day during this time during the day with cold air coming off the bay or ocean makes it feel much colder it is. True, you can get a 4 day Santa Ana once a month during this period when it will hit the high 70’s.

May Gray / June Gloom

Periods in August and September when it can and does hit 100 near the coast (not just inland) without any breezes.

Ocean too cold to go into without a wetsuit 8+ months of the year.

Other than that, greatest climate in the world that people all over the world talk about every waking moment of their life (sarcasm)...the reason why Diegans talk about this so much is because their city offers little else.

San Diego, CA

San Diego is highly overrated - America's - 9/17/2018
Yup....to summarize, SD is an overpriced, underwhelming, desert with irrigation and an unsophisticated populace...JV restaurants, nightlife, airport, pro sports town, lifestyle, and—yes, I agree, even the weather is overrated...when the weather is overrated, you remove 90% of the people’s talking points and you have zero reason to stay (unless you are originally from there and have family).

San Diego, CA

San Diego: America’s Finest Underwhelming City - 9/16/2018
Overrated city that settles for mediocrity.

Junior varsity restaurants, nightlife, airport, people, shopping, and pro sports town. Completely unsophisticated city with shallow people who are uninspiring and easily offended.

Major homeless problem, city looks dated, poor infrastructure (potholes everywhere), police understaffed (voicemail when you call dispatchers, helicopters called in after crime committed because not enough street presence). Conservative mindset that is resistant to change and any improvement to the City.

Even the weather is overrated—chilly from December to March; 100 degrees with no breeze possible in August and September; too cold to go in the ocean 8 months of the year.

Very unsophisticated populace with no dress code enforcement, dogs permitted in many restaurants. Vastly overrated city that is underwhelming in almost every aspect.

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