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Redmond, WA

Great place to live - 2/4/2015
We highly recommend Redmond and the whole Eastside of Seattle. It is further from Puget Sound and the ferries, but the quality of life is so great. The Pacific NW is beyond beautiful. After living here 1.5 years, the everyday drives still take our breath away. Redmond is beautiful, just like a perfect town. The homes are gorgeous; shopping is wonderful (nice outdoor mall, nice downtown, many health food and grocery stores); a large variety of parks and walking trails; not far from the foothills and farms; friendly people; low crime; very wooded with the famous WA evergreens, etc. We could go on; it really is the nicest place we have ever lived. That being said, if you are planning to work in the area, do not ever move here without first securing a permanent job. We are still working temp jobs, for over a year, and we have excellent office skills. Up here, the average number of applicants is 200-600 per job (yes, really). And, the job competition is fierce here. You have people from all over the world, and many of them are simply brilliant. Couple that with the education system in the State of WA, and you have a metro area with the most intelligent people we have ever seen. If you 'need' the sun everyday, this is not the place for you. We rarely have snow, but, during the winters, it is cloudy quite a bit. It does rain, but, most times, it is a light drizzle, so you don't even need an umbrella. The Seattle area has gotten a bad reputation for constant rain, but it is not true--people are confusing cloudiness with rain. Many other cities get more rain than we do. When the sun does come out, it is glorious, and all your neighbors will be out walking and taking advantage of the parks and the many outdoor activities in the region. You can still take part in them with the weather most times, too. To us, that is still better than shoveling and driving in snow all winter long--clouds and a little rain vs. snow--you choose for your winter. We love living here and immediately felt at home. That has not changed. We hope that we can stay in this gorgeous NW area.

Denver, CO

re: Should I move to Seattle or Denver? - 12/20/20
- 1/21/2013
Without hesitation, Seattle is the best choice. If you're looking for friendly people, this city is not for you. It's polluted, dry and brown, there's no water, bipolar people, and the economy is not great. There are tons of hippie has-beens who never grew up, lots who just like to smoke a lot of pot and hang out on the 16th St mall. NYC is cleaner & much friendlier than here. Seattle is clean, with fresh air, beautiful water, gorgeous foliage, and more fresh, healthy food than any city we've ever been to in the US. We cannot wait to move away from Denver. Good luck to you!

Denver, CO

Don't like it - 3/8/2012
Althought many others really like the Denver metro area, I am not one of them. i have lived here 12 years and am planning to leave next year.

Sorry, but, being from the midwest, this place does not compare to the quality of life up north--in the midwest or even on the east coast. While there are a lot of people from CA here, they may be used to the brown mountains and lack of clean air, I am not one of them. Having lived in the midwest and east coast, I assumed that all mountains were green & lush until I moved here...and where are all the trees and WATER? These mountains are only green in May-June, when the snow melts down them. This is the most disgusting, filthy air I've ever seen. There's a brown cloud over the city most days of the year. Studies have shown that, if you live here, it's like smoking one pack of cigarettes per day (even if you don't smoke). When you travel anywhere out of CO, the air is cleaner and you can actually use 100% of your lung capacity. The mountains are a little less polluted, but make sure you have no altitude/barometric pressure problems before you move here.

The people aren't that friendly. Again, sorry, there are some that are great, but, on the whole, not happening. Even visiting NYC several times, I (and friends) found the people friendlier, so it cannot be blamed on a bigger city. It's quite strange, really, as I have never lived anywhere where so many people seem to be down, depressed and just grumpy most of the time--is it the too-high altitude?!

To say something good about it here, let me say that the sun shines almost every day of the year. That's nice. There are a few better areas to live in than Denver (especially south of town). But, too many very nice suburbs around Denver seem to have some weird sort of zoning problem--a very nice house, and a dumpy one next to it, etc., etc.

Anyway, like I said, many people really like it here. It's a good thing we all don't like the same place either.


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