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Oshkosh, WI

Nice Place To Be From - 2/26/2010
If you can't handle wearing a winter coat, you are missing the best part of Oshkosh.

Oshkosh is not for everyone and probably not for you if you have a weak liver. A good night out starts Monday morning. The drinking here is pretty sporting, but nothing as compared to the Russian friends I have back in Germany. Work is taken seriously in the finest traditions of the Middle Ages in Northern Europe - without the glitz.

People who like/do well in Oshkosh are born here. Outsiders are welcome and quickly forgotten. Making money here is not completely based on birthright, the odd upstart occasionally can learn to subsist on the meager economic trickle down.

For a kid, this place is great. Plenty of train tracks, bridges, construction sites, traffic, and buses to play around: The drivers seldom actually convicted of vehicular homicide. The lake is a natural marvel and has a personality of its own, for those who live on it. Most kids learn to swim, water ski, sail, ice skate and underage drive on or in the lake. Drownings are not infrequent but the body retrieval is done without excessive media coverage. There is ample parking at the cemeteries.

Oshkosh: do yourself, but more importantly me, a favor and find some other place to suffer and then die, regardless.


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