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Hot Springs Village, AR

Tyranny @ its' worst - 12/24/2014
Manager Twiggs and four of his Board of Directors members are displaying" we'll get our way, one way or the other". They have now decided that a quorum of votes form the POA members is now 25% plus one.

They are trying to implement 1 72% increase in our property dues. It failed on the first vote, as they did not reach a quorum, which is normally 50% plus one. They reduced it to 25% plus one. Should it fail, they will drop it to 12.5% plus one.

We moved from Illinois to HSV for the quietness and beauty. Manager Twiggs has publicly stated that he wants HSV to be a "RESORT Town and a TOURIST attraction, with many new hotels and restaurants."

Should we have wanted this, we would have moved to Branson, No.

There are many other problems in the village, especially with crime. Two murders in the past 15 months and a very bad meth drug distribution houses.

Want a trouble free area to retire-DON'T COME TO HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE, ARKANSAS. You will definitely be sorry.

Hot Springs Village, AR

Hot Springs Village-Don't live here! - 10/22/2014
Property Owners Association-Most political, tyrinical dictatorship (David Twiggs, Director) in the nation.

To begin, we are a village of 13, 400 residents. Mr. Twiggs was give a starting salary of $204,000 plus benefits, highest in the United States. he rules w/an iron fist and has many, many "closed door meetings" and does not inform residents. We are in the dark.

I have lived here for several years. It once was a great place to live and a very open forum for information-not any longer. Mr. twiggs has emphasized more than once that "I am the boss of everyone. I will make final decisions on all employment!!" In other s board, you better go along w/me.

We now face a 72% increase in assessment dues, as Mr. twiggs states he has need for the monies. When asked, he is very vague. Has made it clear that the "Freedom of Information Act" does not adhere to HSV as we are not governmentally funded.

We have had 2 murder cases in the past 14 months and our main streets look terrible, as they are not kept up with mowing and spraying of weeds.

Housing here, as in many other parts of the country has take a hit. But HSV has more and more homes going on the market as people have had it with the POA. Don't move here, take our word for it or check it out for yourself.

Tony Green

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