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California, CA

All hope abandon, ye who enter here.
- 4/15/2021
Don't tell them about Idaho! Californians are like locusts and bring their entitled mindset to other states which work, then they pollute those states with backwards thinking and gentrification. Then before you know it, you have a mini california sprouting out. They did this to southern Oregon.

Oregon, OR

Beautiful state mismanaged into something ugly - 4/15/2021
I have lived here for most of my life, throughout the north and southern cities. If I were rating Oregon from ten years ago, it would be 5 stars for the beauty and diverse ecosystems in your backyard. Ten years ago southern Oregon and Portland were beautiful, and the real problems only started to show themselves: obscene property prices ramping up, homeless encampments on the rise, drug use starting to skyrocket. Then five years ago the wildfires really started to show themselves, on a magnitude worse than in all the decades I have been here. In the last five years or so, illegals have been encouraged to move here and compete with the locals for jobs as an underclass which drives wages down.
Basically, Oregon is a beautiful state which is being destroyed by poor forest and wildfires management so that you have entire months of summer in choking smoke and towns burning down, poor governorship which allows homeless to proliferate which brings petty crime and drugs, lack of law enforcement which allows illegals to stagnate wages. Portland, which was a beautiful modern city was allowed to immolate itself by gangs of thugs on the rampage vandalizing, marking territory, and assaulting people. It's really shameful.

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