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Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Manufacturing and Production


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Muncie, IN

re: horrible - 4/25/2006
- 5/21/2008
Chris you must be a BSU student reaping the rewards of the working class here in Muncie! It is not that we do not have pride in our local college. It is that BSU does not have pride in its host town! Students come here, drive up the crime rate with their partying, destroying rentals, and expecting the moon. We the taxpayers of Muncie pay for all your benefits of being a BSU student! We pay high taxes because BSU pays NONE! The college does not really employ that many locals at a high rate of pay. They do provide mediocre jobs such as working in the diner, being a secretary, or even a custodian. OOOOO thats the kind of jobs I want to bring to Muncie. The college does not pay for fire or police protection but one little flat donation per year of $100,000. Not alot since 80% of the fire runs (mostly due to pranksters) and 87% of the police runs are to the campus! So don't bad mouth Muncie. They have just about had it with that college and the bunch of bad citizen students that we have inherited as of lately!

Muncie, IN

Don't believe everything you read or hear - 5/21/2008
As a Muncie resident that has prior military service and traveled vastly within this country it is not a bad place to live. I have lived in East Coast towns all over the coast. We are not a backward society here nor are we a bunch of racists as people have been led to believe by the papers and news media!

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