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Pasadena, CA

Overrated, like much of the LA metro area - 2/2/2009
While there are parts of Pasadena that are very urbane and elite, most of it is overpriced unless you bought in back 30 years ago when the houses had more reasonable prices. While the crime rate is low, there is no shortage of sketchy people out on the streets. All too often folks here are just too loud, much of the city has a surprisingly urban and ghetto attitude. Almost every night the helicopters are circling around. Cars with overloaded sound systems blast through the neighborhood, setting off the car alarms, which makes the dogs bark, which makes the kids scream- it's just too much for someone looking for a little peace and quiet after a long day at work.

Like much of the Southland, Pasadena was over-developed, little greenspace set aside and poor city planning have marred what was a charming little city. Even in the year since I've moved here I've watched views of the mountains become obstructed by awful high rise "luxury" apartment complexes.

Just recently there was a double shooting by some gang people of some random people out on the street. The police said the gang has been here for decades. Makes you wonder, what have they been doing all this time to cleanup the gangs if they can persist for so many years? It is because there is little sense of community.

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