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Torrington, WY

City Appearances - 7/9/2007
However you approach Torrington, WY., your impression must be that you are entering a large junk yard... trashy and junky houses and building litter each side of the roadways with no order. This is the perfect example of why a city needs enforced zoning and building codes.
Because Torrington is not that bad a place. It is first and last, a farm town and the City Fathers are determined to keep industry away and wages low so their farmers can hire cheap labor.
And yet most of the people are friendly and unassuming.
And after you are past the junky appearances of the approaches to town, in many areas the small houses are neat and clean. And they would be painted and have the roofs fixed if the owners could afford it.
Torrington, a nice, sort of sad little town where people seem to just exist. If only they had some method of getting the po white trash to clean up and get rid of that trash!

Eagle Pass, TX

Residents - 7/1/2007
It is rumored that the last resident who was legally in the US, left to pick Cherries in Michigan in 1964 and has not been seen since!

Hudson, WY

Unique town! - 7/1/2007
If you are homesick for Possum Hollow, West Virginia, you will feel at home here. This is basically a wide place in the highway and on the East side is a large decaying stucco building which is "Svilar's Bar" (and grille and everything else) and on the West side is Svilar's Trucking, Svilar's Junk Yard, and the homes of most of the Svilar families.
As there is a creek nearby, large unkept Cottonwood trees provide shade and combined with the weeds, give a feeling of closeness.
You may find you have an overwhelming urge to drive on.

Pyatt, AR

Looking at Pyatte, AR - 7/1/2007
A tiny hamlet composed of decaying and mostly unpopulated homes, empty buildings, sitting at odd angles surrounded by trash and junk. Near the highway there is a tiny mom-pop place which is sometimes open and a tiny Church which has a nice roof. The residents are what you would expect to find there.

Arkadelphia, AR

Quality of Life - 6/25/2007
Two large Universitys dominate the town and compete with each other. In general the town is orderly and neat with a true Old South feeling. Most of the citizens are friendly and the different races seem to live in harmony and mutual respect.
It gets mighty hot and humid at times. The area is low and generally flat and at one time doubtlessly heavily forested. The first residents were probably Caddo Indians who were driven off to make way for the Shawnee who were forced to leave so the Cherokee Indians could live there. Then the Cherokees were driven away by the Government so the white man could populate the place. Then the Government decided to completely depopulate the South in "The War of Northern Agression." Now the area is slowly healing.

Caddo Valley, AR

Politics - 6/25/2007
Caddo Valley is a wart on the buttocks of Arkadelphia. It is perfectly located to be a good tourist speed trap, catching those who come within it's snare and existing mostly on fines from the unwary tourist. The locals don't approve but are too lethargic to do anything about it.
Truckers may be surprised to find there are few places to turn their rigs around and they are not allowed on private property!
Yes, you too, may find a job at a fast food joint!

Midwest, WY

Midwest History - 6/25/2007
At one time those small houses were identical and new, as this was another "Company Town," owned lock, stock and barrell, by Standard Oil. The "Commissry" was where you bought your needs... your house was issued and painted and maintained by the Company... The big building to the South was the Masonic Hall one day a week then the Catholic Church on Sunday... next service was Protestant... no gambling or drinking. Finally, with the oil wells going dry and the area desecrated, the aging houses were sold to the desparate residents, while Standard Oil kept the mineral rights!
It should not cost much to live there... Jackrabbits are plentiful for stew! But be sure you have a source of income. Bu the way, Edgertown was not approved by Standard Oil. However somehow it managed to offer certain entertainments not found nearby to the Midwest residents!

Kemmerer, WY

Living conditions
- 6/10/2007
When winter comes, the highways can be closed for days at a time. However, I would recommend "The Southern Comfort," the house of prositution on the south end of town.
And you can have your choice of bars.. plenty to choose from! Some of the best fights can be seen at "Norma's." Don't get involved in any of the fights though, if possible. Some of them sheepherders can be rough!
I hope you have an outisde source of income. Or like to work in a coal mine.
The locals are suspicious and don't like you anyway.

Cotter, AR

- 6/5/2007
Cotter, AR appears to be a poverty stricken hamlet, hapazardly strewn into a semi-valley and hills on the East bank of the White River. It is difficult to imagine any of the poorly constructed and ill maintained hovels being of $40,000 value.
With little industry other than fishing and drawing welfare, the thrifty natives generally use their yards as depositories for their garbage.
It is rumored that the Cotter-Gassville Schools are excellent. It is unknown where the children go once they graduate.
Were Cotter to clean up and fix up, it could be a beautiful location.


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