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Biloxi, MS

re: Where is the money? - 3/24/2011
- 7/2/2015
When I was a kid going to school back in the 60's the schools were awful. I remember correcting my English teacher several times on her spelling and pronunciation of several words. Her name was Ms. Hathoway from the middle school in Biloxi. I got sent to the principal's office because of it. Hopefully the teachers have improved.

Franklin, NC

re: Franklin is not for anyone other than natives!
- 7/2/2015
I agree that Franklin is not for anyone except natives of Macon County. I did get a job here after only a few months of being here, but then was treated like an outsider during my duration on the job. Several things that I said (such as mentioning a meadow behind my house) was looked upon with disdain. One of the co-workers pointed out that "we don't call it a meadow around here, it's a field. You must be from the north." Small town with small town mentality. Do not move here unless you are one of the 4 r's: retired, a recluse, a redneck, relative of someone already here. Nice place for weather, but the people are clannish.

Franklin, NC

Small town atmosphere - 6/30/2015
I agree with some of the posts on here saying that Franklin is more than willing to take your money, but it's difficult to fit in if you 'aren't from around here, are you?' mentality. A lot of people that I've met here are nice enough, but they can spot an outsider (esp is you're from the north) a mile away. I got a job a couple of months after moving here with no problem. The treatment I received from most of my co-workers after getting the job was horrible. I am from the north originally and I was treated as a rare specimen. You must talk like a native or they treat you with disdain. I mentioned that I had a meadow in my backyard and someone laughed and said, "You must be from the north..we don't call it a meadow around here..it's a field." Come on people, the civil war has been over for a long time now. Get over it already.

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