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Lafayette, IN

Lafayette, going downhill due to crimes and drugs. - 4/12/2011
I can say I have lived in Lafayette Indiana for 25 years. I'll say that home is home...but I would honestly say in less your a college student at Purdue, I would never want to truly live in this town.

The quality of life in this city is not as great as one could hope. The city does have some interesting places to check out and great old buildings, but on the other hand the people in this town are not the best. I would never want to raise a family in this town. There is a lot of drug use, and a lot of it is preteens and teenagers who are introduced quickly when entering middle school and high school.

Jefferson High School had a major meth problem less then 10 years ago when I went to school there, and also a high drop out rate. Now I know that this city has a lot of heroin users starting the past few years.

People may come across sometimes friendly, but most are the compete opposite. The friendliness is short lived, and is followed by a lot of drama.

Point is, from the outside looking in, it's a nice place, but Lafayette is vary dirty and a lot of drug use.

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