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Las Vegas, NV

Horrible-Must Read - 3/10/2019
I’ve lived all over the world-literally. Most of my life in Europe but also New Orleans, Los Angeles and South Florida as well as in Asia. DO NOT COME HERE. This city is crooked, corrupt, morally bankrupt and everyone has an angle, a dark past, issues, IT IS LITERALLY A MIRAGE.

Firstly this is where bad people come to reinvent themselves. Google your doctors, dentists, everyone you do any kind of business with. The city is literally an AYCE (all you can eat) city, a Groupon city, a scam and con artist city.

The glamour of The Strip IS NOT SO GREAT and even if you LOVE it, as soon as you leave it’s another world. Most communities are built to house a workforce mainly for The Strip but also for local businesses and professionals (un-proffesionals usually). They literally, no joke, put apartment complexes up in about 3 weeks, neighborhoods are literally like this: Raze the area of desert-takes a week or two, the street entrance to the soon-to-be community is made, a huge wall straight down where the track housing will go and the wall will be the end of the yard (like all 6 steps) goes up and in another week houses start being built. The worst quality and most repetitive housing I’ve seen outside of Russia. It’s AWFUL. Don’t expect neighbors to be friendly, if your lucky some other neighbors may be new to the area and not yet be jaded but you can’t expect to be greeted, looked at or spoken to, nor expect to know anyone in your neighborhood.

I consider living in Las Vegas to be a punishment for something. After 4 years we are finally leaving in May and it can’t come soon enough.

Las Vegas, NV

WORST CITY ON EARTH - 12/19/2018
I cannot bring myself to give this a single star. Where do I even begin. My family moved here about 4 years ago, I started a business so I have the misfortune of being an employer too. This is without a doubt the most corrupt, heinous and hideous city I ever have lived in and I will say, I LIVED ALL OVER THE WORLD-including Dubai, all over Europe, SE Asia and in several cities in USA. Nowhere on Earth compares to this. I feel s strongly I would go as far as to say the city should be wiped off the face of the Earth-completely dismantled. Firstly-just geography, YOU ARE NOWHERE. This is a city that is 4 hours and 30 minutes at best from the next major city, Los Angeles. That 4 hours and 30 seconds makes a huge difference, there the weather is pretty consistent all year-HERE, miserable summers that you and your children and pets can literally get a burn just by getting into a car, then cold winters. There is no

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