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Las Vegas, NV

WORST CITY ON EARTH - 12/19/2018
I cannot bring myself to give this a single star. Where do I even begin. My family moved here about 4 years ago, I started a business so I have the misfortune of being an employer too. This is without a doubt the most corrupt, heinous and hideous city I ever have lived in and I will say, I LIVED ALL OVER THE WORLD-including Dubai, all over Europe, SE Asia and in several cities in USA. Nowhere on Earth compares to this. I feel s strongly I would go as far as to say the city should be wiped off the face of the Earth-completely dismantled. Firstly-just geography, YOU ARE NOWHERE. This is a city that is 4 hours and 30 minutes at best from the next major city, Los Angeles. That 4 hours and 30 seconds makes a huge difference, there the weather is pretty consistent all year-HERE, miserable summers that you and your children and pets can literally get a burn just by getting into a car, then cold winters. There is no

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