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A person that has lived in serveral states and countries.


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Young and Single
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Surfing, bike riding, and weightlifting.

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Lantana, FL
A small, nice town.
Posted On: 4/26/2008 10:01:38 PM
I lived in Lantana Back in 2005. I enjoyed living in my small effiency apartment. I moved to Lantana from Boynton Beach, wich is a very expensive town, 5 miles away form Lantana. And I enjoyed Lantana more than any other place in Palm Beach County. The beach breaks nicely, small waves but somedays with a good swell you could see waves as hig as of 3-4 feet. I loved Jogging to the beach to see the sunrise and the sunset. Those memory will always be intact in my head. I also lived here with my Fiancee (R.I.P) in our tiny apartment. I recommend Lantana for a person that has some saving or if is retired and has a good pension. South Florida's Salary won't cover the cost of living. Other than that, Lantana is a good town to live in. Hey don't forget to buy fried chicken on the Publix next to the Gamestop On Lantana Rd.

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Buenaventura Lakes, FL

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