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Roseburg, OR | 2 Review(s)

Retired, moved away and came back... there is no place like home!


Life Stage: Retired
Enjoys: camping, art, meeting people


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Roseburg, OR

Banana, anyone? - 5/28/2020
Geographically beautiful location! Outdoor recreation abounds with the tree-lined and mountainous areas of the Umpqua River, and there is the Coquille River, Rogue River, Galesville Dam (camping and fishing), Millpond camping and then you have the Oregon Coast and heading east Crater Lake and Diamond Lake for fishing, hiking, or just relaxing. (All are within two hours drive) We are surrounded by beauty. Our climate has been a hidden secret for a long time but is out now: we live in the banana belt. There are so many great things to say about Roseburg, especially if you are a senior /retired person! It is the up & coming area for us retirees. The one thing it lacks is a more diverse population when it comes to politics and education as well as the traveled. But don't expect the residents to change their ways anytime soon. They are who they are (red necks) and proud of it. What you can expect from them is help when you need it and an answer when you ask it! We have a medical college coming in and more medical facilities being built. I hear tell we have the finest wines as well with many local vineyards dotted along our countrysides. Lots to do and places to go and relaxing with friends and loving life, that's Roseburg. Hate groups are not tolerated here. Our loggers will see to that! * ;) *

Roseburg, OR

Seems to be a Senior Retirement area. - 6/27/2017
Great place for Seniors with wonderful boutique restaurants in downtown, bus transit and two hour senior trips to nearby coastal areas, larger city recreation; opera, Broadway plays and such, beautiful drives to the north and south Umpqua River.

As far as what the previous writer; Nila , said about Roseburg, I have to agree at least 80%. I believe it is the rooted ignorance of the people who were born here. Perhaps as more EDUCATED people settle here, we might see progress of true Christian behavior of love and acceptance of our fellow man/woman/child. Until then, I hope Nila and people like her STAY .

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