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Ocean Springs, MS | 7 Review(s)

Grew up in new england and moved to marinette wisconsin in 1973
[work for us navy civil service-qa in ship building].Moved to
mississippi in 1991 to continue my career in civil service.
Retired from civil service in 2008 but continue to work as a
contract inspector.


Life Stage: Retired
Occupation: Quality Assurance/Safety
Enjoys: sports baseball football


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Reviews & Comments

Ocean Springs, MS

Any one buying a house in ocean springs should hire a licensed home inspector to make sure the house meets the current code. In parktown where I live they are making us replace the roof underlayment the next time we have the house reshingled. Thats going to cost an added 3400 dollars or more. I would hire a licensed building inspector before buying any house in ocean springs to assure it meets the present code. Even a new house because you will be sure the contractor builds it according to the latest codes.

Ocean Springs, MS

Cost of home insurance, bars, etc. in OCEAN SP - 2/25/2015

No one has mentioned the cost of home insurance here. State Farm
for the most part is not writing new home insurance policies south of
highway I 10. A person relocating here would do well to find out when
buying a home anywhere south of 1 10 that they can get wind and fire
insurance plus they will have to pay a separate fee for flood insurance.
I would recommend buying north of I 10 and forget anything hear the
down town of ocean springs because of all the bars. The mayor likes to
drink so guess what more bars.
If you are a trades person like a welder, pipe fitter, machinist,
electrician, etc. you can find work at Ingalls Shipyard, Halter Marine,
Signal, etc. Working at one of these shipyards is a good way to learn
a trade that you will have and or move onto refinery/construction work.


Ocean Springs, MS

To anyone thinking about moving here. The traffic on highway 90
from BILOXI,OCEAN SPRINGS, and to PASCAGOULA is bad. There are
13 traffic lights in 20 miles from OCEAN SPRINGS to PASCAGOULA.
You either have to travel on highway 90 or travel north to the
interstate 10 to go east/west and then back down again.
They are building a brand new high school which I am told will
be 50 million dollars [ that maybe high ] but just think about the
property taxes. The high school is located way away from the center
of town so the transportation costs are going to go up.
The mayor seems to like locating bars in the middle of the city
where all the shops are located. Eventually the tourists and snow
birds that are family oriented will pass over Ocean Springs as a
place to visit and spend their money.

Biloxi, MS

I live in ocean springs and housing on the gulf coast is high.Home
insurance since katrina is very high.For instance my house which had
no damage at 120,000 replacement cost is 2000.00 dollars a year and
the next buyer would have to pay 3000.00 a year.
A co-worker who lives in a house valued at 180,000 or so is paying
6000.00 dolllars a year for home insurance.They had no huricane damage.
There are better places to live than here such as northeast tennessee
where home insurance is much cheaper and property taxes are very low
plus no state income tax.
There is still a lot of debris left over from katrina.The biloxi mayor
just stated its going to take another 7 years to rebuild.


Ocean Springs, MS

Climate and cost of living - 11/26/2007
I have lived here since 1991 and the climate is very hot and humid for 6
months from may and on into november.I work for us navy civil service and we
ran out of work in wisconsin in 1991.This was the only choice i had to move
to vs early retirement[ which i couldnt afford].The people who grew up here
may think this climate is normal but i like the 4 seasons that you get up
north[and i dont mind snow].I can stand high temps like in the 90s but with
low humidity.I have seen comments about humidity in the midwest but that is
not much compared to here[solid humidity for 6 months of the year].You also
may have to run your a/c unit some in the winter.
The friendliness is overated you will find friendly folks almost any where.
The people here have their circle of friends, relatives from here, and people
they grew up with.I visit my daughter who still lives in wisconsin in the
appleton area and i find the people there just as friendly.
Hurricane katrina destroyed 50,000 homes and there are still a lot of people living in fema trailers.The gulf coast is still a mess to look at
from gulfport to the west with debris in a lot of places.Sperlings says the
median price of a house is 219,000 dollars[ maybe a little high but the
housing has gone way up].Home insurance in areas that got flooded is 5000
dollars a year and up in some places.This has caused many people to get
rejected for a mortgage.
My house received no flood or wind damage and i am hoping to get a good
price for it next year so i can move back up to the appleton wisconsin area
when i retire[be near my grand children].


Ocean Springs, MS

ocean springs ms climate and cost of living - 11/26/2007
The climate here is very hot and humid.The summers last from may on into
november which for me is too long.If you were brought up here maybe you would
think this is normal but i lived in new england and wisconsin before i came
here on a job move in 1991[only choice vs early retirement which i couldnt
afford- US NAVY civil service].

The friendliness of the people is over rated.Yes the people will say hello but there are families related and people who grew up in this area
that make up their social circle.
The cost of housing has shot up dramatically since hurricane katrina.Sperlings says median house is 219,000 dollars and maybe thats a little high but it is very high. The home insurance has sky rocketed especially if you live near the water or in an area that was flooded by katrina.Some people are paying 5000,6000 dollars a year and more.There was
50,000 homes destroyed by katrina and there are still quite a few living in
fema trailers.People are getting rejected for mortgages here because of the
higher cost of the house put together with the home insurance costs.
I have owned a home here since 1994 and i hope its value goes up so next
year when i retire i can get a good price and move back to wisconsin to be
near my grand children[appleton area].I had no flooding or storm damage.
By the way i see comments about humidity in the mid west in the summer.I
visit my daughter in the appleton area a lot at different times of the year.
The humidity in the deep south is much worse than any humidity in the midwest.The humidity in wisconsin comes and goes.The humidity here is solid
for 6 months with no let up plus the hurricane season to sweat out.

DON KUMPUNEN 11/25/2007

Ocean Springs, MS

southern friendliness over rated
- 6/19/2006
I live in southern mississippi and i think its boast as the friendliest in the country is over rated.People here tend to stick within a circle of
relatives,friends from growing up,etc.I have been here for 15 years and
lived in northeastern wisconsin for 18 years[originally from mass.].I made
a few life time friends in wisconsin and other friends.This is not the case
here.I am sure i will get a lot of arguements from southerners.
Another thing is the obssession with the civil war which i think is strange
since the north won and the south was decimated.What makes me sick is that
they hold a confederate memorial day and place it on the same level as the
national memorial day.The civil war divided this country and probably set it
back at least 25 years.In the north you see a monument to the union soldiers
who served and died but thats it.They dont obssess about the civil war and
recognize that it was a step backwards for our country.Its only purpose was
to do away with slavery.


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