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Pittsburgh, PA

Good and Bad..depends on what you are looking for - 11/28/2017
Hi, born in Germany, grew up in Queens/Manhattan. Lived in Ohio, Cali, PA, CT, MI and Europe. Have traveled all over the states and the world. Have lived very rural to big city. People coming from a more diverse area ( large city or Cali), you can't expect that a small city in western PA will be the same. That can be said for most of the country, it isn't diverse everywhere, that is somewhat unrealistic. The city can be kind of grungy, so if you are looking for new suburbs with generic new build houses with large great rooms, probably not the city. I personally find many places appalling because they are brand new, tacky and have no soul. But that's my taste, everybody is different I respect that. People are nice, they appear to be genuinely kind, but not over doing it. If you are coming from states with no taxes, well yes then a state that has taxes is a pain. Cost of living is decent, utilities are higher than some areas, there are good jobs depending on what your profession is. Everything is a trade off. Popular areas have as many negatives as positives. NYC, great place to live if you like art/music/food/nightlife, but it's a grind, expensive, and plenty of downsides. At different ages different areas suit all of us better. In my experience Pittsburgh is a good city that has value. Obviously the more money you have, the less problems you have. This is true in any city. Don't know of many lower income areas that people rate as great!? Yes one comment mentioned Harlem is safer than Pittsburgh. I visit friends in Harlem, there are gentrified areas, that are safe, and around a corner, a crack house. Same with Brooklyn, once again it has been gentrified, but many areas are still risky, specially at night. Same most places, America is somewhat violent with firearms and a system that seems to produce angry people. Lived in UK/Germany/Spain, didn't have to worry about anything like we have in the US ( the recent terrorist action kills way way way less people in Europe than our normal violence does monthly, without anybody really caring). If you want to live in the Burgh, visit for yourself and make a decision.

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