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Phoenix, AZ

Only come to Visit not to Live
- 2/4/2021
It's never been nice

Memphis, TN

A mess
- 2/4/2021
Hey it's the truth

Minneapolis, MN

MN Nice!? OK sure only on the surface not - 1/12/2021
Don't bother with AZ; go read the comments

Ogden, UT

Some good points; Not as nice as SLC though. - 12/17/2020
Ogden is an old industrial city that was once a huge railroad and mill town and IRS office (still there; hey...they provide jobs). It's always been a bit rougher, poorer and less cultured than Salt Lake City. (In college in SLC all the guys we knew from Ogden knew how to fight). The crime is much higher (read that...drugs and gangs). It's kind of like SLC's younger step-brother who barely graduated high school while Salt Lake is the more urbane and sophisticated one. There are good points to Ogden: beautiful scenery, canyons, skiing, really nice people, reasonable cost of living, jobs, Weber State University (Div. 1 sports; pronounced Weeber not Webber), SOME good family restaurants. Some cool old places (Ben Lomand Hotel). Ogden seemed to suffer urban blight long before SLC did (a lot more boarded up houses) so you'll have to live on the outskirts or in surrounding towns. Even North Ogden and Washington Terrace have their rough elements and they're the nicest areas in Ogden proper. You can certainly do worse (Phoenix, Albuquerque, San Bernardino=felony flats). But if you are a city person you are better off in Salt Lake.

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque's Crime Problem is REAL
- 12/10/2020
I love how the Hillary-ites, who can't handle the truth about a place, love to call us truth-tellers racist and ignorant. Read the crime and poverty stats for YOURSELF people!!! I too, LIVED it.

Phoenix, AZ

It is not the paradise you think it is. < - 12/10/2020
So true. So true!

Ogden, UT

hispanic population
- 12/2/2020

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque's Crime Problem is REAL
- 11/24/2020
Yeah I've never met so many troubled people...alcohol, domestic violence, drug addiction, sex offenders, criminals. Not just the poor, but the working class and even some more of middle class people (which you wouldn't expect). Instead of "Land of Enchantment" the license plates should say "Land of Dysfunctionality". Or "Famous Prisons"

Dallas, TX

The short and sweet - 11/24/2020
Like the old saying goes: for weather I'll take Dallas; for people I'll take Houston

Austin, TX

Fake woke city with typical southern slav - 11/24/2020
The funny part is that liberal politics made California unlivable. Then they come to Texas and vote Democrat. How ironic! Yes the more ignorant types tend to be nice to your face and talk behind your back. That's just small town mentality no matter what state.

Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM is a great city
- 11/20/2020
You are spot-on!

Albuquerque, NM

Objective, honest opinion - 11/19/2020
I have lived in ABQ and other cities in the west, so here's my honest take.
Pro's: Nice weather overall. Lots of sunshine, Summers are hot but not horrid like Phoenix. Spring winds a bit annoying. Overall.... good for golfing and outdoor activities. Jobs aren't real hard to find. Some good employers like the federal government (FAA) and high tech (But see the Cons). UNM is a good school - with a lot of hippies who never left. Good college sports! The Pit is a fun place to watch UNM basketball. Balloon festival; People are pretty friendly for the most part. Blake's Lottaburger!!! The Sandia mountains are neat. All the usual big city theme restaurants and some nice mom and pop places. Great Mexican food. I like the old town. I think multi-culturalism is a bit overrated, but if you like that kind of thing...some nice neighborhoods like anywhere else but some real BAD ones. Lots of churches, but see "Cons"
Crime/economics: Boy is there crime! It seems like mostly it's vandalism, theft and robberies. Lots of drugs and vato gangs. ABQ seems, for some reason, to attract a lot of bad people, transients and druggies/alcoholics; a lot of poor and unskilled people live here. A lot of hard-looking people - even among the middle class - which there isn't much of. [My brother-in-law was at a McDonalds with his kids (in a decent area) and two knuckleheads robbed the place in broad daylight and while very busy too! Of course the clowns got caught]. The cops are tough and they practice racial profiling so I hear. Jobs pay crappy for the cost of living. You want $12/hour??? How dare you ask! There's a lot of old boy networking and a poverty mentality, not a "can-do" attitude like I found when I moved to Texas. There's some really bad neighborhoods like I said. Even the vaunted "NE Heights" has some problems. Rio Rancho and Taylor Ranch are nice. Some mega churches but the ministers seem like those old west "healing tonic" salesmen.
Lots of trash and needles! The spring winds blow it all around too. They need to start fining people. They should make the little smart-a55 juvenile offenders pick up garbage as a punishment. Bet that'd cut down the recidivism rate.
Anyway there's worse places to live, but overall it's not bad. There's just a LOT of poverty and social problems! Nobody seems to ever have enough money to get by.

Albuquerque, NM

ABQ offers so much and many great neighbo - 11/19/2020
Sounds like a press release/Advertisement from the Chamber of Commerce

Phoenix, AZ

Beautiful City! Why would you live anywh - 11/19/2020
Beautiful landscape? Clean? Man, you are tripping! And...you NEVER get used to the summers! You just learn to survive.
But yes I agree it's nice that it leans conservative.

Houston, TX

Houston -- Not What It Once Was
- 8/18/2020
The people are very nice. It's a friendly business employment area. Making friends is a bit tough though. You need to belong to a church or something like that. Housing isn't the bargain it was 20 years ago.

Phoenix, AZ

Don't move here - 7/3/2020
Phoenix is a dirt-bag city. I have lived in many other cities and this place was hands-down the worst.
The people are rude, uncouth, uncultured, judgmental, dumb, cold and ruthless. The educational level is low. Yes these idiots think they know what's right for YOU. I just love when uneducated, functionally illiterate redneck types try to tell me how to live my life. I've lived a lot of places but never met meaner people than in Phoenix. You're judged by your wallet, or your looks or if you adhere to the latest clothing fads and lots of tatts.
The city is dirty and there's no culture. The summers are horrid. No breaks in the summer weather. Summer AC bills are awful. You have to run your errands early in the morning to avoid the furnace-blast heat. If you want nice weather and some nice terrain go to San Diego. You have to get out from November through May for activities like the zoo.
Employers are cheap and don't care about you. (yes I have a degree but the cost of living is high for what they pay). There's no sense of community. People really don't want to make friends with you. Most are hiding from a flaky past back in..say.. Illinois, or Minnesota (Wisconsin people are the exception; they're generally nice). They wanted to start fresh but they're the same bad people, repeating the same behavior. A lot of people bring their mental illnesses here.
Crime is horrible. Gangs are prevalent. I don't know anyone there who hasn't had things stolen. Dating is easy if you flash big money. Otherwise you're stuck with a tatted-up chick missing teeth. I know few people there who weren't cheated on. Most every nice person I've met wants to go home.

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