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Miami, FL

Great city NOT for people who are slackers. - 5/25/2019
I see a lot of people whining that Miami is expensive. Well it wouldnt be Miami if it was some cheap small town in Indiana or Wisconsin.

People come to Miami to be near the ocean and to live a beach lifestyle. I moved to Miami 4 years ago from a small town in another state. The first thing I noticed is that everyone is mostly from everywhere else so you dont have that annoying "what high school did you attend" cliquish" attitude. (No one cares where you are from) as opposed to other cities or towns that you have jocks and losers still hanging on to high school glory like Al Bundy.

When you move to Miami you are not judged by where you are from or your race, you are judged by how much effort you put into whatever it is that you do. I had gotten my MBA from out of state and when I moved here I started close to the bottom (as most do). It didnt take long to get promoted. Unlike other places I didnt get promoted because of "who I knew" or "who my parents were or werent" I got promoted because I demonstrated skill and proved my worth.

So overall Miami is good if you are a person who rises and falls on your own merits. On the other hand if you are the kind of lowlife who thinks that you will come to Miami and try to use "who your parents are" or "who you know" and think that you will get somewhere you are going to likely not last very long in a business environment and will ikely be fired then go back to where you came from whining about how Miami is horrible.

So the beauty of this city lies in its blue waters, tropical setting, unbeatable nightlife , beautiful women, and its business environment. the ONLY reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because the traffic is getting pretty sickening. Its out of control. If they can do somethig about that then its 5 star all the way. (not likely they ever will though)

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