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Single woman, moved to Georgetown Texas in 2006. I thought it was perfect,but now I am not so sure. I do think it might be better than a lot of other places in the country, but there are still some very unsettling issues. Please feel free to ask me any Georgetown related questions and I will give you my honest answer. If you are nice, I will do some research


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Computer Services
Enjoys: Horses, junking, fiddle


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Georgetown, TX

astronomical raise in taxes in one year! - 2/20/2010
Beware moving here if you are not rich! I bought a little dump of a house and did all the work myself. My taxes have nearly doubled in 3 years!!! it went from under 1,400 a year to over 2,100 a year, all while home prices barely crept up .5. I hate to say it but the old boy system is still alive and well here. They assess you in one month in spring and you get your tax bill 8 months later when it is too late to fight it. I was penalized for working hard on my home every weekend. They told me that was not true, when I complained, but there is no other way they could have changed the value of my home so much when prices were stagnent. I am going to fight them this year, but I doubt I will win. If you are 65, they freeze your taxes, but by the time I retire, at this rate my taxes will be well over $1,200 a month and I will have nowhere to live.... sad. The city is fixing all kinds of things up, but you won't be able to enjoy them.

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