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Odenton, MD

A great place to be from - 10/20/2015
There was a recent survey that MD residents feel (in a majority) that the place is good for work, but for all the supposed attractions and things to do, they will likely move/retire somewhere else. MD is a transitory place, the same as it was when I lived here the first time over 45 years ago. People come and stay on the average 3-7 years, to get their ticket punched in working in Washington. then they go back. MD is overly liberal- everything is bad, and if you give the news or anyone else a chance, they will tell you why (although the reasoning may defy all logic). The attitude of the government is to control every moment of your life, especially what they feel is safe or good for you. So anything that might be assumed responsibilities like car, boat or gun ownership can turn into very nit-picky ventures. Ultimtaely, if you can put up with all the nonsense of government intervention and intrusion, you take your golden parachute from your firm (or government), sell the house for a huge profit and move to a much lower cost of living and slower pace of life. Moving to the 'nicer' areas of MD like eastern shore or western MD are really not that great, especially in recent years because of all the development (you have for all purposes "DC at the beach" with Ocean City or "DC in the mountains" in Garrett County). Taxes are somewhat fair, sales tax is okay and state taxes are okay, but no reprieve for retirees. In sum, MD government dictates it's their way or the highway, so I'm opting for the highway. At least the ability to leave is easier than most other areas of the US.

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