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Rochester, MN

Not a city for the self sufficient law abiders - 11/1/2021
Roch (and Minnesota) is a great place IF you live off the govt dole; subsidize undesirable things (through generous welfare benefits, lax law enforcement and sentences, sanctuary cities, low income housing, social promotion in schools, etc.) while punishing desirable things like making things, obeying the law, earning money, having personal responsibility, starting businesses, being thrifty, living conservative values, and being self-reliant. There is so much "other" stuff to support in this town, add in Mayo wanting tax payers to subsidize all the stuff they want.

Springfield, MO

springin' and dingin' - 11/1/2021
So much wrong in this town I don't know where to start. Apparently, all the a$$ holes of the state circle over Springfield. The do-nothing cops are worthless, as is the local city council. Does anyone actually WORK in Springfield, because as you drive around the neighborhoods everyone appears to be on govt cradle to grave subsidies; while every business has a "help wanted" sign out, and it's been this way for years.

Springfield, MO

Lovely scenery & good climate but poor po - 9/11/2021
Sounds like you need to move to the democrat/liberal destruction utopia of Seattle or San Francisco..where taxes are high and the fruits of one's labor are redistributed to the moochers and looters for the "greater good."

Springfield, MO

Slum town
- 5/1/2021
There are so many slumlords in Springfield. It is truly un-freakin'believable that the old buildings, not even close to being code, are still standing.

Springfield, MO

Slum town - 4/5/2021
Springfield is a slum town, especially downtown. I have never seen such a slummy dumpy town. At least half the commercial property sits empty; that tells you all you need to know,Does a downtown really need 3 bars on every city block?

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