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Venice, FL

What’s not to love?!??
- 5/10/2020
I cannot understand why anyone would disagree with this. Nothing here is incorrect or wrong. Hmm. Let's hope those who disagree leave. :-)

Venice, FL

Hometown Feel - 5/10/2020
You gotta remember the reasons you move here. If not forced to, like having to take a job, you'll love it. But do your homework, the avg. age is 60+, so keep that in mind. It is what it is.

1. Beaches – multitudes to choose from around this area. Most are very clean and have facilities.
2. Ocean/Gulf – the water is usually beautiful, clean, and warm most of the year
3. Water sports – from boating, diving, and fishing to kayaking, paddle boarding, and jet skiing.
4. Seafood – all over, all the time, always good.
5. Humidity & Heat – My skin and hair love it! ??
6. What I consider Beautiful weather 8 months a year – Not many places in the U.S. can claim that. (If you like a drier or cooler climate, DO NOT COME NEAR FL.)
7. Friendly people
8. Cost of living – comparable to AZ and better than most any other state that's surrounded by water.
9. IF you're republican, this is a good area for you.
10. A lot of medical facilities/doctors
11. Flora and fauna – if you like green and enjoy wildlife, this is a great place
12. Great for families who need lower costs and a sense of community in which to raise children (teens don't like it, though)

What I don't like, and mostly because I am still considered MUCH younger than the average here and because I still have to find work:

1. No Jobs – it’s mostly a tourist or retirement city.
2. Criminal contractors!!!
3. Snowbirds – go the f*ck home!!! Quit using this area as your personal dumping ground for RVs every season. BUY a home or leave us alone. If you must drive, do it after rush hour. (Sorry, but this city doesn't have the means to deal with the influx each year. Sarasota county overall needs to do better!)
4. Hot/Humid 4-5 months a year (double-edged sword; I love it, I hate it)
5. Not enough good restaurants
6. Not enough good shopping (grocery, clothing, home goods, etc.)
7. REALLY OLD PEOPLE (We're not just talkin' 70ish. With the avg. being 60+, you can bet there's a lot of 80-90 year olds out here!)
8. Infrastructure - I just added this because there are so many new homes being built, plus the ball field with no additional roads or freeways. Driving is becoming ridiculous during season.

Through it all, I choose to live here and be a part of this community. The pros far outweigh the cons in my opinion. No place is perfect, so don't slam a place just because you can't go clubbing or think some parts are dirty (there's dirty in all cities). I hope people can be realistic in their reviews so others can make real choices about whether to move here.

Venice, FL

Not for the young, single, or environment - 5/10/2020
Of course it's not for the young or single. The joke is, this is where people come to die; God's waiting room. You obviously didn't do your homework when you chose to move back here. Stupid is as stupid does.

At 57, I can tell you I get bored living here, but that's what Sarasota is for. I live in a quiet, safe, affordable community and work and go out in one that's got a little more going for it.

As for this place being a trash can, I'm beginning to wonder where you chose to live. If you're closer to Englewood (which is huge, but the part closer to Venice isn't nice), then you're not going to see anything great. Much like every other city in the world, there are good parts and bad. Sounds like you have a bad attitude no matter what. Please leave.

Phoenix, AZ

One of the top 10 hottest cities on earth - 12/28/2019
I've already reviewed before, but one thing I would suggest if you're thinking of moving here, look up the hottest cities in the world. Phoenix typically shows up on every list. If not Phoenix, then Yuma which is only 3 hours south of there. AND, just remember, it's getting hotter.

Phoenix, AZ

- 12/22/2019
For those not educated enough to understand what this post is about, it has to do with the lack of resources the 5th or 6th largest city in the US has to offer. Wake up everyone, this city has already become L.A. 2.0. Old ladies should have a place to live, even if homeless - that's the point! Instead, too much money is going into sports, politician's pockets, and trying to gain more large companies from silicone valley. Phoenix needs to put it's money back in it's own pockets and take care of it's own. Including the old lady sleeping on the street.

Phoenix, AZ

What happened to Phoenix?!
- 12/22/2019
Spot on! I moved to the Scottsdale area in '95. In just 10 years Phoenix went from a wonderful oasis to a pile of concrete crap and illegal immigrants. In 2005, I moved, but wound up back due to family. Another 10 years, and I couldn't believe the ridiculous growth without the infrastructure to manage it. The traffic, the lack of water, the higher crime, and general cost of living have become enormous issues in a short time. It HAS already become L.A.#2. In 2016 I got out for good. I've posted before about why Phoenix is not the best place to be, comparatively speaking, so it's good to hear from someone who's seen it fall over a 38 year span. Sorry and I hope you find a better place.

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is a good place to live!
- 12/22/2019
In general: Considering Phoenix is the 5th? 6th? largest city in the US, please don't believe that the freeway system or any public transportation is anything but lacking. Yes, every area is "connected" but at what price? TIME. You can't move on those freeways at rush hour. The light rail is a joke. If you need to get to certain areas downtown, and live north of that area, you still have to drive and park. As for Flagstaff, please note that it is NOT that much cooler in the summer. It still reaches 90 degrees in July & August, and it is running out of water just like Phoenix. The lakes around that area dry up (Upper & Lower Lake Mary) in summer. Nothing in this post really explains why "Phoenix is a good place to live." I'd say if you are young, have no family to raise, can afford a decent place to live, and want work, it's pretty good. But it fails in most other categories.

Phoenix, AZ

Finally Free from Arizona - 5/27/2018
I lived in Phoenix for over 13 years, my husband was born and raised in Buckey. I agree with everything said that has to do with the negative, and only agree with a couple of positive comments. But let's not forget this: 1. Brown, beige, tan...you can't escape the color in the land, housing, shopping centers. There is NO color. Everything place the same. 2. Dry. Your skin literally begins to crack, and your eyes dry out easily. I would wake up with nose bleeds every day in the winter. 3. Dry EXCEPT, the months with Humidity. Someone says there's not that much, but when it's 100+ degrees and the Monsoons are going for 3 months, the humidity is staggering. I live in Florida, believe me, I know. 4. No water. There are drought conditions. Where is the water going to come from? What future is there for water in Arizona overall?? 5. I'm going to reiterate the issue with pollution. The smog is so bad that if you work in downtown Phoenix, you may start experiencing breathing problems or allergies. 6. Which brings me to allergies. It used to be if you had them, you moved to the desert, but Phoenix has added so many invasive trees, that allergies are actually worse for some who move there. 7. Influx of Californians. They can't afford CA, so they're moving to AZ. Think about that future folks. 8. Zero lot lines. You buy a new house and it's literally within 10 feet of your next door neighbor. 9. No grass on your property unless you're live in an older community where it's not banned. 10. Scorpions and termites. Yup, they're a huge issue with all the building being done more and more in the outskirts. We never did get rid of the termites. 11. Education - I know, this has been discussed before, but it's only getting worse. 12. Traffic. And it will only get worse with all the Californians moving there (not that I'm dissing Californians.)

The only thing I disagree with here is the lack of jobs. It depends on what you do for a living. I am a contractor and found it very easy to find work at a good rate. Here are some other good things about the greater Phoenix area: Good shopping and restaurant choices; the Mexican food is so good. Hmm, I guess that's it.

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