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Portland, OR

re: No Men. No Balls. Goodbye.
- 2/5/2018
Your review made me smile, and laugh, because I am originally from the east coast and the guys there and here are night and day. I do love portland, but tend to gravitate towards more assertive guys.

Portland, OR

re: Homogenous, gloomy, and ultra PC
- 2/5/2018
Annie, the evangelical communities, and colleges are strong in Portland. We do lean left, but there sure is diversity. You from Aloha are on the white side of town, the west side. The east side and north portland have diversity.

Portland, OR

Originally from NE but love Portland - 2/5/2018
I lived in Philly (hated it) the Poconos (boring) and New York (cool and not enough green.
But I genuinely love Portland. It is green all year round. I love the rain, and it does not rain all winter. If they say it rains every day in the winter, it might just be one hour of the day. Some days heavier but I like wet weather. I like the mild weather here.
I have very diverse friends from all races, there is soooooo much to do here!!
The people are friendly and kind, (y'up there is neg people everywhere... but not like Philly). I was amazed at the difference. So It got me thinking,I'm wondering about the negative reviews, I do know...the people that were born here think it's over crowded...and may want to scare people away. But go to NY, Portland is so not overcrowded. I can swim in the ocean (in a wetsuit) and ski all year round. The people are great here, not rude, like east coast, kind and non confrontational, maybe a bit passive aggressive. Note: I do wish the men here were more assertive, not controlling, but not passive. I tend not to date the locals, for I like actual dates like it was back east. That's ok, because there are plenty from all over out here.

A con: What sucks here is only one thing, the cost of real estate. It is very high, so people more to the west side of town Beaverton area, and complain there is no diversity. Live on the East side, in actual Portland. The suburbs are bland no matter what city you go to, not that NY has suburbs...East and north portland are anything but bland. We live in a two bedroom house with fenced yard...it has a bonus room... and we pay in 2018, $1495 a month fyi. It is not a fancy house but we are happy.

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