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Huntsville, AL

Behind the times - 2/1/2017
Too much crime for population. Not progressive enough has the potential to be great but falls short. Not welcoming to transplants. Lacks true diversity and culture. Poor health system and economy lacks growth. Lots of building of fast-food chain businesses and houses, however ot does not match the growth. Traffic is senseless, people drive like they lack the gumption to keep moving. For example the signal may turn green and there is nearly a minute delay before cars move resulting in only 3 cars making the light. There may appear to be traffic but it is really just slow moving vehicles. People tend to leave nearly 2 car lengths when stopped at a light. In the last week alone I have seen 2 drivera make improper left lanes obstructing the flow of traffice. They turned from the outside lane instead of the center lane designated for turning. Oh yeah drivers hesitate then pull out in front of you as you are approaching. They don't want to stop for emergency vehicles or school buses. People aren't very friendly, no Southern hospitality found most times. Why is everyone so angry here they got their prayers answered Obama is out and Trump won.

Madison, AL

No Southern Hospitality Here - 2/1/2017
Low crime. Traffic not too bad even during peak times. Covert classim and racism. A stick with our own mentality. Not very diverse primarily just blacks and whites. Not very receptive to transplants. Food here is awful of poor quality. Rotten food sold in grocery stores and restaurants. Traffic appears more confused than anything delayed reactuon when signal turns green, improper turns, people just driving really slow or randomly fast only to end up not going any where. Not good healthcare, terrible ER's no doctors taking new patients lot of pain and walk-in clinics. People cutting in front of you to go slower than you were. Too much emphasis on Auburn and U of A teams. I mean really the whole Roll Tide thing is life or death which is just obnoxious. Plan on moving away when I am done with school not a progressive place I would settle down in.

Harvest, AL

Twilight Zome - 2/1/2017
Small town not welcoming to outsiders. Everyone who is here are related or from the area they don't like transplants. People often don't speak and stare. Low crime. Public school is the terrible with covert bullying and racial bias. Kids are rude and too grown for their age. Very clicky and the educators had a bad attitude was very much like an unhappy fast-food worker who hates their job. Not very diverse primarily just whites and blacks. Some KKK in my subdivion even see people occassionally with Anti Hillary Bumper Stickers, Anti Carter Obama oh and I saw a "Coon Hunter" one recently. Utilities are high, poor internet speed due to outdated cables, still are above ground. Rent and mortgage rates are reasonable but most neighborhoods don't have sidewalks. Common to see stray dogs and cars parked all over front lawns. I don't like it here at all. When I finish I get my degree I am out of here.

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