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Butte-Silver Bow, MT

Not for me. - 5/30/2019
I was excited about moving to Butte--I used to visit a lot in college, and fell in love with the history and scenery. Unfortunately, after the first few months in Butte, it became clear it wasn't for me.

The economy is piss poor--there are really no jobs for people without medical degrees unless you want to work at a gas station or fast food restaurant.

The historic district has amazing potential, but most of the buildings have been left to rot on the side of the hill.

People are not inviting, and change is mostly unheard of. People are wary of outsiders because they believe they will come and change everything overnight and make it too expensive to live like Bozeman or Missoula. I see the point, but Butte has a long way to go before something like that would ever happen. Being open to new ideas and taking pride in a community does not necessarily lead to overwhelming growth and mcmansions.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for the history and landscape here. I was very disappointed by how hard it was to meet people, especially young people interested in art and culture. Mining has clearly had an environmental impact on the city, but I would argue it has also impacted people's values here--there are only a handful of people I met who were not ultra conservative and glad to sell out the environment and health of people for the gain of a few rich people when a new mining bill was up for a vote. Really not my cup of tea.

One plus was that there's no law against having an open container. The rest, I could leave behind.

Sheridan, WY

Intolerant Yuppie Town
- 5/30/2019
Or how you would come to the conclusion that the police and judges are the worst if you were, again, only stopping for food and fuel.

Sheridan, WY

Intolerant Yuppie Town
- 5/30/2019
I'm just curious how you would be able to assess that the entire community is intolerant based on stopping for food and fuel.

Sheridan, WY

Love it, but had to leave it - 5/30/2019
Sheridan was a great place to be a kid--outdoor opportunities, very little crime, and a strong sense of community.

The art community is everywhere in Sheridan, and events like Third Thursday, the farmer's markets, and rodeo are fun for everyone.

Whenever I go back to visit my parents, I wish I could find a job in Sheridan and move back. It is absolutely beautiful there with the Big Horn mountains so close, and rolling hills surrounding the valley. Much of the creek has also been restored to a more natural floodplain instead of the Army Corps of Engineers concrete canals that were fashioned years ago. There are more walking paths, and a distinct desire to improve and diversify to attract young people. New breweries are popping up, and Koltiska Distillery has finally opened a tasting room.

Drawbacks: like many rural western towns, there is a lack of diversity. That does NOT mean that everyone here is bigoted or uneducated, like some of the reviews suggest (I also don't think you can know a town just by stopping for fuel on a drive through....).

Lack of job opportunities makes it difficult to retain young talent. The state politics cater to wealthier individuals, many of which come to Wyoming to retire, and don't have to experience being working class in Sheridan.

Finally, the emphasis on the cowboy identity gets old. Not everyone who grew up there or lives there is a cowboy. Sheridan needs to focus on other appeals if the town wants to change with the times. Otherwise jobs will keep depending on extraction industries, ag, and tourism--none of which are particularly sustainable in the long run.


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