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El Cajon, CA

Crime, Poverty, Pollution, Angry Communities - 11/26/2019
Stay out of East El Cajon. The people that live there don't like "outsiders".

Los Angeles, CA

Not a place to raise a family - 11/26/2019
Not a place to raise a family. Drugs, theft, violence, etc. The police here are not like depicted on TV and movies, though. My experience with the LAPD has ALWAYS been positive. The officers I've had to deal with here were always professional, courteous, honest and empathetic.

San Diego, CA

Please Don't Mive Here, We're Full
- 11/26/2019
Also, this website won't update my "agree" and "disagree" button. This means this social media site is manipulating public data.

San Diego, CA

Please Don't Mive Here, We're Full
- 11/26/2019
So, the City of San Diego is not "full". This is manufactured by the permit departments who are intentionally slowing the permit process to prevent development. That's why downtown smells like pee and has turds in tree wells.

San Diego, CA

DON'T COME HERE. IT'S BAD - 11/26/2019
I lived in this city for 12 years. I watched it go from a nice place to a severely economically oppressive, corrupt, dangerous city. The City Government is extremely corrupt. The mayor is powerless and the City employees run the show. Their show includes union business meetings on the clock under the guise of "staff meetings" to complain about wages and benefits that are consistent with local market conditions, hour long coffee breaks away at local coffee shops on the clock, charging permit fees that don't apply to the permits being applied for, permits that don't require fees at all even, charging extra for "expedited" permit reviews and waiting until the day before the review deadline to actually perform the permit review though they had plenty of time during their union meetings and extended coffee breaks to get it done. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the massive, severe corruption being committed by City Employees in San Diego. Whistleblowers "commit sexual assault, face a trial, commit suicide." They do this to their own underpaid police officers.

This exasperates already severe housing inflation and crisis level homelessness. As an additional result, the homeless people are sick and make working San Diegans sick when they use public transportation or work downtown. The homeless here are violent, strung out on meth and heroin, and are extremely aggressive and even violent when you won't give them more than a dollar.

These severe, nationally embarrassing problems used to be hidden from tourists. Now, they are full display to the entire World any time they come to San Diego as tourists. They can see the sick, addicted homeless people who are being enabled with free hypodermic needles passed out in front of the Public Library during Kid's Story Time in North Park. This is a consequence of North Park Neighborhood filling up with rich people from New York, now that the New York Times, GQ magazine and other New York based media has identified the North Park as a "Hip Place." The local North Park residents, including myself, are displaced by gentrification due to this propaganda.

The employers in the area cooperate with each other and ACTIVELY practice wage suppression. While the rest of the USA has seen payrate increases, San Diegans are seeing DECREASE in wages and benefits over the last 10 years.

All the nice sights are dilapidated now. Balboa Park has become a carnival of sick homeless people busking and begging. The Chargers left and the City residents have been arguing about what to do about the defunct stadium in Mission Valley. Meanwhile, the structure costs taxpayers millions a years sitting vacant.

The City Attorney is on a Leftist Crusade against common sense. The City attorney has stacked their employee roster with attractive female lawyers who manipulate the male judges in "Gun Violence Restraining Order" hearings. No man ever wins these, regardless of how expensive their lawyer is. As a result, Constitutional Rule of Law, Rules of Evidence, and basic common sense go right out the window. IF you get a lawyer, you will get a worse result than representing yourself and lose $3800-$10,000.

In addition, the corruption and crime from the Drug Cartels in Tijuana, which shares a border with San Diego, does more than just spill over to San Diego. Many local politicians and businesses do business with these people. The Cartels have representation in San Diego and Coronado City Governments as well as the State of California as a whole.

IN short, don't support this. Don't give this city your time nor money. San Diego is a polished tomb. Its full of innocent dead people's bodies.

Since this is California, the media doesn't report these things. You have to talk to the locals or just live here for a while.

Sea World sucks, the Chargers are gone, you can go to Comic Con in other cities now, the seas are fished out, the St. Louis Zoo is better than the San Diego Zoo as are other attractions, and everything here is absurdly expensive. Also, since it is now legal to commit "petty" theft up to $950, if a bum steals your cell phone, the police will stand there and watch it happen and do nothing. Talk on your cell phone while driving, $300 fine. The police are here solely to take your money and exact retaliation on behalf of corrupt government and do not respond enforce the law after dark. Also, they're disarming the citizens which enables criminals. If you're on vacation here, your family is not safe.

In short, don't get victimized when you're trying to enjoy R&R. Avoid San Diego. And definitely don't EVER move here unless you hate your bank account and freedom.

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