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Baltimore, MD

Not a good place to live. - 5/4/2020
I've lived in Baltimore, MD all of my life. I remember when Jobs were plentiful, food was to die for, the city was very diverse. After the 80's and drugs entered the scene, Baltimore City went down. West Baltimore, South Baltimore and East Baltimore is very dirty, very ghetto. Prices are sky high, especially taxes. Democratics steal, police corruption and the mayors are thieves. I cannot wait to retire. I got 9 more years.

Baltimore, MD

It is AMAZING if you know ehere to live i - 1/30/2020
When the good jobs left Baltimore, that's when the drugs came in and crime rose. It's now a dump in Baltimore. I remember when the City was beautiful. I was born and raised in Baltimore. It's a mess now. The wages are very low, the food is very expensive and clothes and places to live. You definitely don't get much for your money.

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