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Rhode Island, RI
Nothing is perfect
Posted On: 10/3/2013 3:30:02 PM
I moved to Rhode Island two years ago, and I do not understand why so many residents on these forums are so negative about the state. I've lived in Florida (Miami), Georgia (Atlanta suburbs), and Illinois (Chicago suburbs), and Rhode Island has just as many wonderful attributes as those popular states do. And, for every negative Rhode Island has, each of them has something equally bad.

My point is that those of us who are transplants seem to appreciate the state's natural beauty, proximity to Boston, and amazing culinary and arts scene in a way that long-time residents don't. Every week I discover new pleasures (Beavertail State Park, improv classes at Trinity Rep, Rhode Island Festival of Children's Books, the Wurst Kitchen at Chez Pascal, and the frescos at the former St. Ann's Roman Catholic Church to name just a few).

I don't like paying high taxes, but I consider it the cost of admission to live some place I truly love. Putting up with scorching summers and impossible traffic was the price I had to pay to get Miami's fabulous winters, international vibe, and pulsating energy.

I wish those who are unhappy in Rhode Island would move on or join a group that is organizing around improving government or the local economy. I have a feeling they'd find something to whine about wherever they moved.

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