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Des Moines, IA | 2 Review(s)

Author; Scholar; Techie; Hiker; Indie; Messianic; Unritualistic; Car-Free; Simple-Living; Egalitarian; Lefty Drummer; Conservationist; Apolitical Liberal; Carpenter; Pescetarian; Indigenist; Undergraduate Overachiever; Sociologist; Webmaster!


Life Stage: Retired
Occupation: Retired
Enjoys: Simple Living & Train Travel
Website(s): https://paulandrewanderson58.blogspot.com

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Des Moines, IA

Rated #5 Among Best Places to Live for a Reason - 10/2/2019
Google these: State of the Air Cleanest Cities ~ US News Best Places to Live ~ Heartland Hotspot: Why Millennials Are Flocking to Des Moines. And there are more for sure, but here's the thing about such comments sections anywhere: Angry hurt people are analogous to wounded dogs; they will bite! I get it! When someone or some place pisses you off, you must tell the world that -- based on your micro-experiences there -- the rest of all humanity forever must avoid the bad place & people. But everyone, every time, will have a different experience, anywhere on Earth. If you are a loving, friendly, hard-working, caring, positive person, your experiences on any square mile of Earth (anytime), will differ greatly, from a victim-centric, anger-conquered, hypersensitive, loveless, lazy, emotionally immature person. I moved to a downtown loft in DM, as an income restricted person, due to a disability. I researched based upon overall cost of living, safety, clean air, Medicaid coverage, and mobility freedom. Others will seek a spot on this blue marble for a different set of criteria (pending ones age, health and occupation). Now, I know that we old and/or disabled people are expected to commit suicide, by those who are still young & healthy, but your time is soon coming; and fast! Just wait and see. Then you will not be so willing to drop off the map, to make room for the next gen. After all, Earth is huge; if you do not like where you're at, just move until you find a spot to your liking. In the meantime, quit your embarrassing and pathetic whining about every little thing that pisses you off. Des Moines is not the sum of the people here & now; every place on Earth is just a pin on the global map; make the best of the one you're near, b/c life is really short!

Fayetteville, AR

5th Best Places to Live in the USA! - 8/8/2018
It depends upon one's perspective in/on life (I lived in Rogers AR for a few years; it's just north but within the same urban sprawl). U.S. News analyzed the 125 most populous metro areas to find the best places to live. Their page is titled: 125 Best Places to Live in the USA! Fayetteville, AR is number 5, meaning there's only 4 other cities in all the USA that ranked higher. Forbes put the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers MSA at #2 on its list of Best Midsize Cities for Jobs. According to the American Lung Association State of the Air 2018 report, NW Arkansas ranks among the best air quality from among all urban metros reporting in. The natural world of the Nature State is still awesome; lots of lakes and forests and wildlife; some of the best fishing in the nation. And the State is not as densely (human) populated as others. The urban core is pedestrian friendly; bike trails galore throughout NW AR; the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center designated Fayetteville as a Bronze Level Walk Friendly Community for its walkability initiatives and programs. Gentle winters bless the region b/c it's where the Midwest meets the South. Kiplinger's 50 Best Places to Retire in the US 2018, also has Fayetteville at the #5 spot. The U of Arkansas is often ranked high for a variety of reasons, as is the Farmers market. The cost of living in Fayetteville is 11% lower than the national average. It's all about perspective. But for every 1 positive response to anything (online or otherwise), there's a hundred negative's. It's not where U are that matters; it's who U are, anywhere U are!

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