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Eldorado at Santa Fe, NM

We LOVE Santa Fe & Eldorado at Santa Fe!!! - 9/2/2022
I love both Santa Fe and Eldorado at Santa Fe. I enjoy the Southwestern architecture, weather of the high desert especially the monsoon season, the varied cultures, and warm, friendly people. Although both my husband and I love to cook, we also REALLY appreciate the wonderful restaurant options we have and the many interesting things there are to do.

We are both Southwestern people to our core so the colors of the high desert combined with the light against the red rocks and mountains thrill us. We’re both moderate Democrats so we appreciate the 76% majority of moderate Democrats in this area deeply. For us, it has been easy to make friends with similar interests.

Although the initial cost of housing gave us pause, the pure joy of living in a Pueblo-style home with vigas, latillas, Sautillo tile, in-floor radiant heat, and high desert views balanced that out. Once you get here, the cost of living pretty much matches the other places we’ve lived.

We really appreciate the great grass-fed beef and other humanely-raised meat choices that are available. We wish we knew where to go to consistently buy comparable quality organic produce year around. As we learn more about this beautiful area, I’m sure we’ll figure that out.

We just fit in here. Our hearts feel really, really happy here.

Medford, OR

Grateful to be leaving my home of several - 9/5/2021
I respectfully have a different perspective on some of your points. Due to evolving climate change the borer beetles of various kinds are harming Western forests in California, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. Different varieties are also decimating forests in Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, and so forth. This isn’t just an Oregon problem; it is US-wide — as well as Canada.

I’m out and about in Medford almost every day. I have not observed the homeless population that you mentioned. I know this, too, is a US-wide issue with tent cities, etc. in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, San Jose, Las Vegas, Boston, Philadelphia, The District of Columbia, San Francisco, Austin, Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and pretty much across our country.

I have definitely not observed the visibility issue you mentioned. There are few places the smoke plume doesn’t go depending on where wildfires are burning in a given year and prevailing winds.

I’m in love with Medford, it’s kind people, and surrounding natural beauty. It’s one of the coolest towns I’ve seen.

Medford, OR

Medford is a Lovely Town to Nestle Into and Enjoy - 9/4/2021
My husband and I semi-retired here in 2014 after considering several around the same size in terms of population. We love the four seasons here as well as the gorgeous surrounding mountains as well as the easy proximity to the coast. Everything in Medford is about a 10 to 15 minutes drive away. We looked for homes in Ashland but they were extremely expensive for a small home so we broadened our search to southwest Medford and found a gorgeous 3-bedroom home on a half acre of land, which we landscaped for privacy. Jacksonville is only 15 minutes away; Ashland 25 minutes. We found it easy to make new friends here, which we deeply appreciate. There is as much or as little to do as you wish. We tend to enjoy cooking and having friends over but there are some delicious restaurants, too, like La Reyna Monarcha in Medford and Kobe in Ashland — two of our favs. Medford has a GREAT airport when we want to visit friends plus it’s a fun drive trip to the San Francisco Bay Area (5 hours) or Portland (3.5 hours) or the beach towns along the coast (3.5 hours). There are lots of beautiful hikes as well as really nice horse people for those inclined that way. Of course, there is skiing up on gorgeous Mt. Ashland and theatre in and around Ashland. All in all it’s a sweet, welcoming community.

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