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Issaquah, WA

Lot's of changes but still fun - 8/13/2020
I lived in Issaquah for close to 30 years. I have seen a lot of changes in the city - some good and some not so good. I was very sad to leave and even sorrier to have moved to Redmond. The old downtown of Issaquah will stay in place and I am glad the city did not sell out to developers. The old downtown is a really fun place to walk around and just hang out. Cheers to Issaquah. Like all other cities in Western Washington, it is now very expensive to live here.

Redmond, WA

Do Not Move Here - 8/13/2020
Redmond is a traffic pit and not appealing to the eye. The city council have turned the city over to developers. My friends stopped coming to visit because there is no parking. So, we all stopped going downtown to the eating places. The buildings make the place look terrible. Some businesses have moved out of Redmond. I wonder when the high crime will start inside these apartment buildings that have taken over the old downtown Redmond. Once the people who can afford to live in these buildings move out, the management companies will start renting to people who should not be there. Then the crime will start in the underground parking areas, in the hallways and in the elevators. I have seen this happen in other cities I have lived in. This is why when I moved here, I refused to live in a building that has an elevator and no outside door entry to the apartment. If you move here, good luck with finding a house that is affordable. The housing prices are insane. Think about it - With the virus shutdown, most people can work from anywhere, remotely. I highly recommend that you find a place to live that is affordable, nice, with less crime and traffic.

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