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Greenville, SC

Moving here was the best decision we ever - 6/8/2019
Downtown Greenville is not safe - too many drugs and violent crime. Check the local news. Simpsonville has a slightly different mindset than Greenville and its surrounding areas. Not as prejudiced or religious there. They are more open-minded. The Simpsonville government is the most corrupt of the area. The local news did multiple reports on it as different leaders got arrested.

Greenville, SC

Not worth the struggle to live here. - 5/6/2019
Not worth the struggle to live here. I lived here for 15 years. No shortage of jobs, but companies treat employees like total garbage. Everyone I worked with said that’s just how it is here. One job was ok until they got bought out and ran off half the workers. I worked in HVAC, and my wife worked in food service while going to college to get her medical degree. Education was so bad my wife switched to a college in another state to finish her degree.

Very unfriendly people. If you don't go to the same church as they do, or are not religious, they will put you down. Saw that happen at a couple different jobs to people I worked with that always worked hard, showed up on time, and did a good job. What gives them the right to judge people? They should read the Bible a little closer and stop being a bunch of lying hypocrites. The people are nice to your face, but give them the chance they will stab you in the back. Not everyone is bad. There is a small group of very nice people, if you can find them.

It’s a shame because Greenville has the best weather on the East Coast and is close to the mountains.

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